Under Forty: Priyata Raghavan (Sai Packaging / Sai Security Printers)

Priyata joined Sai Packaging in 2003. The woman in print says, “Printing is an intensive process with erratic work hours. But I see more women coming into the business now.” She works two to three times a week and spends the rest of the time with family.

19 Dec 2014 | By Tanvi Parekh

When did you decide to join the business?
While I was working with ITC - FMCG in Kolkata, 10 years ago.

Where do you learn the tricks of the trade? In an executive education programme or on the job?
On the job while dealing with situations and people across a diverse range of issues.

What technology has made the biggest difference to your business?
A combination of flexo/offset and digital, which is Sai’s USP.

What do you prefer: a mentor in the industry or brain storming with like-aged?
It’s all about the balance! Experience has its role to play, fresh ideas constantly challenge the given.

The most frequently used mantra in your organisation? Your motto in life?
Balance - the least spoken about, the most needed in all walks of life.

For a working lunch if you met the PM of India, what would you talk to him about?
About the role of enterprise in any economy, how this needs to be fostered and encouraged, and can ultimately serve the nation’s economy.

3 am print consultant? 
Sai’s colour management team - some home grown talent and some long-standing industry stalwarts as friends.

If you were NOT in this industry, you would have…
Roamed the globe, settled in…