Under Forty: Kashyap Purohit (Surya Offset)

Two years ago when Kashyap joined the family business, he got down to the brass tacks. He realigned the horizontals and verticals of the organisation.

19 Dec 2014 | By Tanvi Parekh

When did you decide to join the business?
About two years ago.

Where do you learn the tricks of the trade? In an executive education programme or on the job?
I have done my MS in graphic communication but most of the tricks are picked up from the operators, managers and customers.

What is your greatest print / business achievement to date?
My personal greatest achievement to-date is realigning the horizontals and verticals of the company.

What technology has made the biggest difference to your business? The best break-through in print technology in the past hundred years.
The invention of computers is the biggest technology break-through for all the industries in the past 100 years.

What do you prefer: a mentor in the industry or brain storming with like-aged?
A combination of both.

The most frequently used mantra in your organisation? Your motto in life?
Patience and positive attitude

What’s the first thing you do on entering the office?