Under Forty: Himanshu Gupta (S Chand)

Himanshu is the third generation of the 70-year old group. His group rolls out 2.5 crore books a year. He heads 27 branches and 325 people. He wishes to own a Bugatti Veyron.

19 Dec 2014 | By Tanvi Parekh

When did you decide to join the business?
In 2000.

Where do you learn the tricks of the trade? In an executive education programme or on the job?
I think a real MBA is when you work in a real business environment. I learnt the tricks on the job.

What is your greatest print / business achievement to date?
I think setting up a new printing plant in Sahibabad with state-of-the-art facilities and machines.

What technology has made the biggest difference to your business? The best break-through in print technology in the past hundred years
The VLF (Very Large Format) machines have made the biggest difference in my business. Our recent investment, KBA 162 A, has a print size of 64x44 and can print upto 64 book pages in one go. The eight-colour press with 4 + 4 perfection units is the largest sheetfed press for books in the world.

What do you prefer: a mentor in the industry or brain storming with like-aged?
A brain storming session with like-minded people.

The most frequently used mantra in your organisation? Your motto in life?
Explore, exploit and expand.

If you won Rs 25 crores what would you invest in? Why?
I’ll probably buy a Bugatti Veyron; the most expensive car in the world! (Mr Gupta, we found this more exciting!).

One person who impressed you with wisdom. Why?
Steve Jobs. He completely transformed Apple and etched it as world’s leading company.

What’s the first thing you do on entering the office?
Ask for a cup of green tea, take my seat and start the business for the day.

The IT system in your firm
SAP across all the business.

If you were NOT in this industry, you would have…
Been in some other industry but would have still been doing my own business.