Pondicherry’s Nithya Packaging adopts Finsys ERP

Finsys Infotech, today, informed PrintWeek India that it has completed the phase-1 of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation at the Pondicherry-based corrugator, Nithya Packaging.

29 Apr 2014 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

R Vijayraman, director at Nithya Packaging, said, “After thorough evaluation of more than 12 ERP solutions of vendors including those from Singapore, Germany and UK, we found that Finsys meets the necessities of corrugated packaging industry.”

Nithya Packaging worked closely with the Finsys team to carry out a smooth and on-schedule implementation of the ERP system.

In phase-1, the company has completed purchase orders management, raw material (kraft paper) inwards and paper issue, quality inwards, quality outwards, accounting, invoicing and reel-wise stocks.

Sangeet Kumar Gupta, director at Finsys, said, “The company has switched to purchase order (PO) based purchases only. No purchase is made without issuing a PO. Therefore, now the stock in hand of all the items, whether, 16BF to 28BF kraft paper, to maize starch, to binding paste to caustic soda and Tirumala inks to Dolphin inks all are on ERP.”

According to Vidhya, co-director at the firm, even the maintenance stores, right from metal drill bits, to allen keys are now in control. “The control of spare parts like propeller shaft, drier belt rollers etc helps in controlling the cost, and more importantly. the on-time availability of spare parts and enables review of past consumption history."

In phase-2, Nithya shall start the stage-wise production, planning of job cards, planning of machine loading and planning of material purchases. Gupta said, “The downtime of various machines can now be recorded and analysed. For instance, the system shows the pending jobs and reports live the working stage of any particular job similar to display of flights time indicators at the airport.”

Besides production and planning, Finsys’ ERP takes care of the accounting department, thereby eliminating the requirement of any other accounting software.

Speaking about the accounting module of Finsys, Vijay said that he was delighted that the salary calculations is available on timely basis as well as piece rate for all the production workers, right from skilled person on the Komori and Heidelberg CD-102 presses to semi-skilled and unskilled helpers in the finishing section.

Finsys has an install-base of over 53 factories in the corrugation, duplex and flexible packaging sectors.