LMAI plants 1000 trees in a day

In a unique tree plantation drive, the Label Manufacturers’ Association of India (LMAI) planted 1,000 trees in an arid tract of land near Jalpura Gaushala in Noida, Uttar Pradesh on 1 July. The association has planted around 1,600 trees in last few months.

02 Jul 2018 | By Rahul Kumar


“The plan is to plant more than 5,000 trees in different parts of the country during my tenure. Until date, we have installed 1,600 trees. There are 25 different varieties and of these, most trees are medicinal and fruit-bearing,” Kuldip Goel, president, LMAI, said.

The plantation drive was attended by around 70 people from the industry. Among them were Harveer Sahni of Weldon Celloplast, Dinesh Mahajan of Prakash Labels, Deepanshu Goel of Creative Graphics, and teams from Any Graphics, Vinsak India and Lucky Graphics.

“Meanwhile, we are getting commitments from different parts of the country to support the cause, especially from the west and the east,” Goel said, adding, “I strongly believe that we take too much from our environment, and tree plantation is one of the ways to give back.”

Goel assured that LMAI will ensure the survival of plants. “I have observed that most tree plantation drives don’t work due to the lack of care after the planting. We will ensure that this doesn’t happen,” he said, adding, we are also joining hands with other associations like IPAMA.”