Entries invited for FICCI-LBF Rights Catalogue 2019

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci), in association with the London Book Fair has invited entries for the Rights Catalogue of Indian Writing from publishers to explore trading opportunities with international publishers and distributors at the 48th London Book Fair, which is scheduled from 12-14 March 2019.

17 Jan 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Globally, India is ranked second in English language publishing, and today, quality content from India has found a global audience. It’s time Indian content reached the global markets.

In this endeavour to find global markets for Indian publishers and authors, Ficci and the London Book Fair have come together to publish a Rights Catalogue of select writings from India, to be presented to the participants of the London Book Fair.

“It’s a golden opportunity to present the work of Indian authors through the exclusive FICCI-LBF Rights Catalogue to over 25,000 publishing professionals from across the world,” said Sumeet Gupta, senior director,  Ficci.

Ficci, in partnership with the London Book Fair will publish the rights catalogue of publications from India for distribution at the London Book Fair 2019. “The Rights Catalogue of Indian writing aims to establish a link between authors and publishers from the subcontinent and consumers in Europe, the Americas and other developing markets,” Gupta said.

The catalogue will be available to participants at the London Book Fair. Publishers can submit details of some of the literary work of Indian authors published in India, and explore opportunities of trading of rights with publishers abroad.

The books could be fiction, non-fiction, literary or research work, including poetry, short story, novella, publications under humanities and social sciences, children / young adult writings, illustrated books or graphics novels and so on.

The book/ literary work should have been published by Indian publishers or author/s and the copyright for the same should lie with the person/ publishers submitting the work. Publishers can also specify if they wish to add details of territories and language rights that are available for trade to international publishers. The publisher's contact details will be published at the boom of the titles for international publishers interested in the territorial rights of the book.

Registration fee per title is Rs 1,500 + GST. Multiple entries could be submitted with separate registration form and fee.

For details, contact Shikha Dutta at shikha.dutta@ficci.com.