Coral felicitates its women employees

On the occasion of Women’s day, directors of Hyderabad-based Coral Print Pack, Srinivasa Rao and Anuradha felicitated the women employees of the company.

Also, a session was conducted on the importance of women in the working environment.

21 Mar 2018 | By Sujith Ail

Anuradha said, “In order to recognise the service of women which is on par with men in all respects, it is vital to celebrate women’s day.”

Coral has a women workforce of 22 employees. Commenting on the maintaining the safety and health of the workers, Rao said, “All the employees are provided with the uniform and in addition to the government statutory, extra efforts are being taken to keep the premises pollution-free.”

Talking about the other initiatives taken by Coral, it provides interest–free loans to the workers for buying two-wheelers or house and also provides accommodation for the needy workers.

On Printer’s day, Coral awarded the two of its workers for best performance. Rao concluded, “We believe in hard work, the result of which is productivity with quality. More than 100 employees have contributed to the company’s growth and reputation in the print business”