Raj Mehta: Focus on reducing carbon footprint

By 30 Jun 2020

In the Rapid Fire series, PrintWeek asks Raj Mehta questions about print and beyond

Raj Mehta, director at Creative Printers, Ahmedabad

1. What is your idea of a perfect print firm in India?
A perfect print firm should be systematic and proceduralised. It should be a one stop solution for all printing requirements for the customer.

2. What is the trait you most deplore in our industry? 
Many press owners have a notion that a brand new printing machine gives better output and efficiency as compared to an used printing machine.

3. What is the trickiest colour that you have had to print? 
Reflex blue to be overcoated with an UV varnish and to be matched each time with previously approved supplies.

4. What is the quality you seek when you hire? 
Integrity and sincerity.

5. What is your most ‘wow’ print moment? 
In 2017 I went to the USA to inspect a used printing machine. Coming from a non-technical field this was a difficult task for me to undertake. Eventually we bought that printing machine and it turned out to be a very good decision.

6. One job you wish you had printed? 
Any printing job for our Honourable Prime Minister, Home Minister or the Indian Government.

7. What is the greatest strength of your printing firm? 
We provide consistent quality and timely delivery of products to our customers as committed.

8. Which print technology, according to you, is the future? Why? 
It will be a mix of offset and digital. Offset for long run jobs and digital for short run jobs.

9. If you could change one thing about your printing plant, what would it be?
I would like to invest more into automation and focus on reducing carbon footprint.

10. What is your favourite Make in India print brand? 

11. Your favourite print conference? 
Print Summit.



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