Prism Papyrus launches Mohawk specialty paper for quality jobs

08 April 2010

PrintWeek India, April 8 - Prism Papyrus launched the American-based Mohawk's specialty paper in Mumbai.


Remu Nagji, chairman at Prism Papyrus, said: "India is an emerging market with huge potential. The growth of the specialty paper is 8% per year which is promising."

Nagji added: "The annual consumption of specialty paper is 3,000-6,000 tons. The consumption is increasing. The buyers are demanding use of specialty paper for quality jobs like photobook printing."

According to the Mohawk, the papers are 100% recycled and therefore there are no environmental issues. The manufacturing plants are powered by the electricity generated by the windmills.

Joseph O'Connor, senior vice-president international sales at Mohawk, said: "Our paper is environmental friendly, since we use natural resources to manufacture the paper. This means less carbon footprint."

Connor added: "We buy pulp from the open market as we don't have the pulp manufacturing facility. The main challenge is the cost factor of the pulp as we have to face the price rise which is 2-3%."

Prism Papyrus is an independent paper trading company operating in India with head office in Mumbai. The company is exclusive distributor for specialty paper from Fedrigoni and Scheufelen

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