Picture Gallery: Replika 3.0: Celebrating the power of the printed book

11 March 2016

Replika can produce a beautiful book any which way. As one of the top publishers said: 4,000 pages, four-colour, four hardback volumes in less than ten days.

  • Replika’s expansion, which includes a new factory near its existing plant in Sonepat, with a floor space of more than 4,80,000 sq/ft
  • Books from Replika are being exported to five continents
  • How Replika copes with slow-moving inventories in this day and age, where publishers demand faster turnaround times (TAT)
  • Recently, Replika has invested in a Heidelberg CD 74 and Heidelberg 2/2 or 4/0 three months ago, as well as a Ryobi and a Canon Oce
  • The KBA press at the facility. The Replika Book Factory boasts of a raft of presses
  • The SpectroPlate can precisely read any screen size and screen technology
  • Replika's transition towards a multi-format system to cope with the constant changes in technology
  • The new facility has separate space for hardcover and soft cover books
  • The ideal capacity of the press is 200,000 books per day and Replika has achieved 85,000 books by the end of the year 2015. In this, they are doing 55,000 hardcover books and 30,000 soft covers
  • In terms of paper, Replika prints two million impressions per day, that is, one million sheets
  • Vikaran Seth, director-production, Replika Press, said, "In the past 15 years, I have seen how a print company has transformed itself into a technology company."
  • Sanandan Seth, director-marketing, Replika Press said: "Replika, in its journey of more than five decades, has not only grown in size, from a tiny one-room business to acres, but also in its print stature and book binding ability"
  • (From left) Rajiv Beri, managing director, Bloomsbury Publishing India, JP Vij of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, and Mike Levaggi, group production director, HarperCollins Publishers participated in a panel discussion about the Indian book market and Replika’s place in it
  • At the show: Bastiaan de Winter of Kolbus and Ranjan Kaul of Oxford University Press India
  • The panelists at the event discussing the future of the printed book
  • Subhasis "Dada" Ganguli and P Sajith of Welbound Worldwide
  • Neil Bradford talks about what more should Replika be doing. And what it is doing well ...
  • Proud of Replika's achievements. So says the development commissioner, Dr L B Singhal. His government is keen to support the industry
  • Vote of thanks by Bhuvnesh Seth, managing director of Replika. The company was facing a bottleneck in the post-press segment. Therefore, it invested heavily in a new building with a floor space of more than 4,80,000 sq/ft, not far from its existing facility in Sonepat
  • Bhuvnesh Seth of Replika delivering the vote of thanks for which he invited the extended Seth family on the stage
  • The audience paid heed to the discussion about better communication, best practices, standardisation, and most vociferously and better rates
  • Louise Cameron, group production director, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc making a "bookish point"
  • Puneet Datta (c) and Gurjeet Dhingra of Canon India (r) crunching data in the digital print segment with Ramu Ramanathan (l) of PrintWeek India
  • Replika's friends who have seen the journey journey to make book printing industry in India a well-directed, income and profit generating industry with a well-charted future which is capable of handling global requirements
  • The Seth Family with Stephen Esson and Neil Bradford of Penguin Random House
  • The Nielsen's India Book Market Report says India's print book market is worth Rs 26,060 crore. Replika is at the top of this book market
  • Replika Press was in the news recently for having bagged the CAPEXIL award. Replika reported exports of the highest value - Rs 7580.89 lakh - with exports in countries like Tanzania, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ghana, Oman and Singapore among others
  • Replika team receiving the CAPEXIL award at a ceremony held on 28 January at the Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi
  • Replika has a record of winning five-time consecutively for PrintWeek India Post-Press Company of the Year title. Kudos from the PrintWeek India team

Book-printing powerhouse Replika Press organised a grand Open House, called "Revisiting the Book of Life" in February 2016, which saw a gathering of the who's who of the publishing fraternity, from India and abroad. Some of the best known names in publishing spent time at the new book factory in Sonepat, with a floor space of more than 4,80,000 sq/ft.

The Picture Gallery celebrates the new facility which has a separate space for hardcover and soft cover books. In addition, the company has invested in a Heidelberg CD 74 and Heidelberg 2/2 or 4/0 three months ago, as well as a Ryobi and a Canon Oce

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