UAE’s Golden Paper Cups installs Autoprint Repetto 80

Ajman, UAE-based Golden Paper Cups Manufacturing has recently installed an Autoprint Repetto 80 die-punching machine.

29 Jul 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

The Autoprint Repetto 80 die-punching machine at Golden Paper Cups

This is the company’s first purchase from Autoprint, and according to Mahmood Al Hatem, director of the company, the decision to go with the Repetto 80 was because it matched the size of the sheets the company intend to use it for.

“Besides, we noticed from YouTube videos that the machine is engineered in a more professional way rather than the rival Chinese machines and this point was proved when we got and operated the machine,” Al Hatem said.

He added that the company is constantly on the lookout for innovative systems to improve its products, to expand its product range and add to the variety of its supplies.

Golden Paper Cups, which specialises in manufacturing, marketing, wholesaling and distribution of different varieties of disposable food packaging products, have clients across UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, and a chain of networks in the US and other Gulf, African and European countries.

“Well engineered, rugged structure and professional running software — that's what I think differentiates the Repetto 80 from other available options in the market. As we are into production and supply of fast food containers and takeaway paper cups, we use the machine for die-cutting blanks of assorted types of packaging items,” Al Hatem added.

The company now hopes to order more Autoprint machines as it grows. “We plan to add another Repetto, and a spot varnishing machine,” he concluded.