Study in six Indian cities reveals good news for traditional media

Enormous Brands has released a survey about the changing sentiments, attitudes and habits of Indians in six cities during the lockdown. It's good news for traditional media players as 74 per cent of the respondents stated that they miss their daily newspaper and are waiting for the service to resume.

01 May 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

29 per cent have moved to reading newspapers online, with four per cent unsubscribing from the hard copy.   

43 per cent see cable television as the primary entertainment in the high-income households. 13 per cent across the sample size have re-activated their DTH / cable subscription. 64 per cent of the television viewing time is spent on news channels.    Other findings include an expected increase in international banking as there's a 28 per cent increase. 

47 per cent of the respondents are willing to pay up to 25 per cent higher for Indian made goods over Chinese products. 42 per cent believe that there is an active and deliberate attempt by China to spread Covid.  

Ajay Verma, managing partner, Enormous Brands, said, “The young Indian population is behaving very differently from other parts of the globe. The study suggests a high level of optimism even in a situation that has brought the entire world in a lock-down and also showcased that households feels confident about the revival of the Indian economy.”   He added, “This study was conducted to help brands understand how the current situation is molding the habits, behavior and attitudes of Indians. We believe this will help us shape client communication and offer strategic counsel in line with the prevailing sentiments of the consuming class.”  

The study was conducted between 30 March and 22 April 2020. The total sample size was 3,737 across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad 397. 

This article was first published by Campaign India