SOP for outdoor media announced

Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA) have introduced a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be followed by members of both associations, with a view to regulate the fast-growing outdoor advertising Industry in India.

24 Nov 2017 | By Sriraam Selvam

“Many vexing issues have been sorted out in an amicable manner through healthy debate and discussion over the past few months. I am confident that this will go a long way in growing the OOH industry,” said Nakul Chopra president of AAAI.

The agreement is expected to help build confidence in advertisers and increase investment in outdoor media in the coming months.

While speaking to Campaign India, Noomi Mehta, president of IOAA said, “The agreement is a significant step and I do hope that both outdoor site owners and agency owners will carry out their responsibilities in order to benefit from the advantages that the SOP spells out for both parties.”

The SOP is expected to be followed primarily by the outdoor agency and media owners, and may have implications for the advertisers too.