S&K Technologies invests in W&H Varex II with MDO

Ahmedabad-based Soparkar & Kothari Technologies (S&K Technologies) has recently invested in a W&H blown film line Varex II with MDO. Along with the machine, the company has also installed a defect detection system, a dehumidifier drier system for taking air off the moisture in the raw materials and a CI Flexo printing machine.

07 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

It is the company’s first project in hygiene films market

Shraddha Soparkar, director, Soparkar & Kothari Technologies, explained, “While we were studying the market, we could sense a strong need for quality blown films as the Indian market is dominated by monolayer cast film suppliers while the global trend is more towards multilayered blown line. With this need identification in mind and with a mission to make the best technology available for Indian market, we began our journey to search for the best blown line suppliers in the world. Not surprisingly though, with initial research only we came to realise that W&H is the best and the most trusted name in the blown line industry. And with further discussion with the W & H team, we zeroed in on the Varex II with MDO line as it was matching all the parameters that the market has a demand for.”

She also appreciated how the W&H team has extended us full support during the machine installation and product trials phase despite the pandemic. 

Vidhisha Kothari, director, Soparkar & Kothari Technologies, said as it was the company’s first project in hygiene films market and it being a greenfield project, the company was clear from day one that it wanted to have the best-in-class technology, processes and systems to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers in terms of product quality and innovative and reliable solutions. “As this vision is commonly shared by every member of our team who are involved in the project execution work, they delivered their best and made sure that the Covid pandemic which is the biggest challenge that we all are facing now, doesn’t become an obstacle in the progress of our project,” she added.

In manufacturing spanning over three decades, S&K Technologies ventured into hygiene films segment with a mission to provide quality films at an affordable price. Deval Soparkar, director, Soparkar & Kothari Technologies, said, “India ranks among the lowest in the world as far as consumption of hygiene products (sanitary pads, baby and adult diapers) is concerned but with the rise in disposable income and literacy rate, this sector is expected to have a strong growth momentum for many years to come. This is the reason behind establishing the company.”

The company has many firsts under its belt. It is the first hygiene film company in India to be established by female entrepreneurs who, being the wives, daughters and mother themselves, understand the needs of incontinence products better. It is the first company in India to offer integrated hygiene solutions under one roof, including PE perforated topsheet film, PE backsheet film, wrapping and outer pack films.

Soparkar & Kothari Technologies is also the first Indian company to have brand new European lines for hygiene film production, multilayered blown line from W&H to be used for manufacturing backsheets and wrapping films and cast line from SML for manufacturing perforated PE films.

The plant is located in Chacharvadi near the Changodar Industrial Area, about 20-kms from the centre of Ahmedabad, and employs 25 people. The total plant area is of 20,000-sqmt out of which 10,000-sqm is earmarked for future expansion.

“We conduct training programmes throughout the year which cover various aspects like quality, safety, technical knowhow, soft skills, team work, etc. Continuous evaluation and need-gap analysis of all the employees is done to design and implement the training programmes,” Shraddha Soparkar said. She added that the company wants to categorically target the health, hygiene and disposable goods industry in domestic and international markets.

The total extrusion capacity of the plant is 500 tonnes per month. Shraddha Soparkar said the complete plant is designed as per the stringent demands of the hygiene industry, including central air conditioning; epoxy flooring in production area; positive pressure at all the times inside the plant; dust-free environment; pest control; and air shower and three-layered rapid door entry/exit system.

Regarding the challenges of the hygiene film business, Vidhisha Kothari explained, “If we see the trend in developed markets, there is a strong demand for sustainable and low gsm products which helps in reducing carbon footprints. We see the same pattern in India as well although it is at an initial stage now. But we expect brand owners to be more demanding about this going ahead which will help a lot in reducing carbon emission.”

In preparation for this, the company now has the most advanced extrusion technology and it is confident that it will be able to cater to the present and future demands for many years to come.

"Going ahead, our focus is to become a one-stop solution provider for all hygiene-related products in India. Increased life expectancy, rise in literacy rates, booming middle class segment are all the factors which will drive this industry towards a strong growth trajectory. And we want to be ready to cater to this demand and make our contributions towards Atma-Nirbhar Bharat and Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan,” Deval Soparkar concluded.