Procter & Gamble bags Dow’s diamond award

Procter & Gamble’s Air Assist liquid packaging technology has won the diamond award at the 30th Dow awards for packaging innovation in 2018.

20 Sep 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Air Assist liquid packaging technology

The award was presented to Air Assist liquid packaging technology recognising it as a “breakthrough in performance and sustainability for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar packaging”.

“This year’s winners displayed customer-first designs with improvements in material technology and responsible resource use, from new formats in food packaging and e-commerce protection to improved medical and hygiene packaging,” said Diego Donoso, business president, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics.

The liquid packaging technology uses compressed gas to provide tailored rigidity to create structure in flexible films. Further, by utilising a proprietary one-way valve, the new packaging form delivers cleaner dispensing, controlled dosing and a convenient one-handed use. At the same time, it remains resilient for e-commerce shipping without extra protection.

“It’s amazing to see firsthand these innovations that are improving consumers’ lives throughout the world,” said lead judge David Luttenberger, global packaging director, Mintel Group.

Air Assist uses 50 percent less plastic than a traditional rigid bottle and has a 360-degree palette for design, making it a more resource-efficient solution.

“I’m humbled to be a part of this experienced, expert judging panel, and excited to see companies around the world innovate to create packaging that meets ever-changing consumer demands and sustainable practices,” added Luttenberger. The other products finalised for the diamond award included Febreze One of Procter & Gamble, LDS 2cc Ecom Dispensing Pump of Rieke, LiquiForm of Amcor Rigid Plastics and Waterless Internet Flower Packaging of Uflex Limited, among others.

Diamond Winner

Air Assist —Procter & Gamble

Diamond Finalists

  • Febreze One — Procter & Gamble
  • Flat Wine Bottle — Delivering Happiness Limited T/A Garçon Wines
  • LDS 2cc Ecom Dispensing Pump — Rieke
  • LiquiForm — Amcor Rigid Plastics
  • Seed Phytonutrients Shower-Friendly Paper Bottle — Ecological Brands
  • Simply Beverages Recycle Code No. 1 Extrudable PET Juice Container — The Coca-Cola Company
  • StealthWrap — Sealed Air
  • Tubairless — Pumpart System
  • Waterless Internet Flower Packaging — Uflex​

Gold Award Winners

  • Doritos Crunch Prism Pack — PepsiCo Frito-Lay
  • Doritos E-Z SnackPak — ProAmpac
  • Dual Hoop Catheter DISK — CleanCut Technologies
  • Extra Rich Rosy Foam Facial Wash Packaging — Kanebo Cosmetics
  • Green Giant Veggie Spirals PrimaPak — Sonoco Products Company
  • Head & Shoulders Beach Bottle — Procter & Gamble
  • Voltaren “No Mess” Applicator — GSK
  • Wave Seal Technology — Wave International​

Silver Award Winners

  • Asahi Super Dry Ice Cooler Pack — WestRock, K.K.
  • CleanPouch Aseptic Spouted Pouch System – Scholle IPN
  • Danoninho para Levar — Danone Brazil
  • Downy (Lenor) Parfum des Secrets Package — Procter & Gamble
  • KitKat Celebreak Box — CBA B+G
  • Mix On Command (MOC) Shaker Bag — JPro Dairy International
  • PaperBoat Thandai Retortable Profile Pouch – Huhtamiaki PPL
  • Ariel PurClean Package — Procter & Gamble
  • PushPop Technology — Amcor Flexibles
  • Stain Remover Qualitá - New Again Plastic Container — GPA Group
  • Two-Layer Laminate Sachet for Packaging Margarine — PrimePak Industries Nigeria