PrintWeek-Siegwerk webinar to focus on LED UV inks

The 190 year old Siegwerk with a global output of more than 280 kt printing inks per year will focus on LED UV inks on 5 May at 4 PM. The global inkmaker along with PrintWeek will host a webinar that shall focus on UV LED Flexo – A cost effective and sustainable solution.

04 May 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

Anuj Bhargava of Kumar Labels along with Fabian Koehn, global product manager - narrow web (Siegwerk), Dean Radford, head of technology, Americas Narrow Web BU (Siegwerk), Ajit Singh, CFO (Siegwerk India) and Krishnamurthy Hegde, PMC (Siegwerk India); all UV LED trailblazers, will share their real-world experiences of switching to the technology and how UV LED has an advantage over standard UV systems    .

In the 55-minute session, supported by Siegwerk India, the speakers will share the real pros and cons of working with UV LED, and how the narrow web flexo converters in India can benefit from it.

Topics covered will include:

  • How label printing with flexo UV LED inks is competitive
  • The real cost impact of running UV LED
  • Energy savings and lower maintenance
  • Competitive LED lamp market
  • The risks, if any, of not switching in the future

“We had a tech run-through on 3 May (Tuesday) and all the presentations were most edifying and enlightening. I’m looking forward to a great session,” said PrintWeek associate editor and session moderator Sriraam Selvam.

Selvam mentioned how he picked up simple tips during the etch rehearsal. Things like:how a label converter should switch to a LED ink portfolio before one switches to LED lamps. Also how one needs to change the lighting in the facility (no UV light radiation). Otherwise varnishes cure before you print.

Sriraam Selvam said, "The large technical advantage for screen white, sleeve white and cold foil."

Siegwerk's UV LED history for label printing began in 2009 at the LabelExpo show. The first sales of LED flexo series in India was signed in 2020. 

Dr Fabian Köhn, the global head of narrow web product management at Siegwerk said, "The journey has been fascinating. Indian converters started to learn about UV LED curing technology, equipment providers, and possible chemistry formulation partners to understand how UV LED curing fits into their operations and onto their flexo presses. The key has been to build relationships with experienced providers who can help develop reliable and flexible UV LED curing processes with press trials."  Dr. Fabian Köhn said converters had to learn about the lamp distance from the web and wavelength; also how to combine UV and UV LED on one press. For example, should one convert part of the stations to UV LED or invest in interchangeable cassettes (several providers on the market).

The PrintWeek-Siegwerk webinar will be wrapped up with a Q&A session where the audience can post their own questions to the panel. The virtual UV LED ink presentation takes place at 4 pm IST on 5 May (Thursday).

Click here to register. You will need to sign up in advance to view the discussion, which will also be archived for on-demand viewing by registered viewers who can’t attend the live session.

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