PrintWeek India Awards 2018: ITC – Packaging and Printing Division (Chennai) is the Packaging Converter of the Year (Carton)

Packaging behemoth and winner of the Packaging Company of the Year category in 2017, ITC was clearly in form to take home the Prism during the 10th edition of the Awards held in Mumbai on 29 November 2018.

29 Nov 2018 | By PrintWeek India

What makes the carton of Jameson Cakscate Whisky stand out is printing and value addition on uncoated side. The purpose was to achieve a coarse feel and hence a kind of natural effect. Meanwhile, the bottle graphic on the front panel is given a special offline gloss effect. Another effect is the splash of copper foil across all panels of the pack.

The sleek and elegant look of the Johnnie Walker Black Label carton has been achieved by printing rich black background on metallic base. The pack is also printed on the reverse side with black and gold. The carton is printed using UV inks and coated with matte varnish. Structurally, there’s an inner holder to keep the bottle from rattling.

The Nokia rigid box is an integration of multiple components. It involves a strong base board wrapped with coated paper to meet both rigidity and print value addition, where a kappa board is used for the box, which is V-grooved and corner-punched. It is then taped and stuck to the printed label using protein-based glue. Printing is done on top coated paper, following by foil stamping to highlight the branding text.

The package of Fabelle Mousse Bar has been given a choco look by means of shades of chocolate brown colour background. The brand name is foil stamped. Also, the entire package is given a velvety touch by means of soft touch BOPP thermal lamination.

The shortlisted companies in this category were

HBD Packaging

Manipal Utility Packaging Solutions

Parksons Packaging

Pragati Pack

TCPL Packagingpripri