PrintWeek Awards 2022: ITC Packaging & Printing Business wins Packaging Company of the Year - Folding Cartons (Volume)

Three trends make ITC, the Packaging Company of the Year – Folding Cartons (Volume). These are: strong performance in FMCG and other segments which saw revenue up by 19.5% y-o-y and 45.5% over Q1 FY20.

02 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Also robust growth in discretionary and out-of-home categories as well as staples and convenience foods which remained resilient. And finally, education and stationery products business bounced back with the re-opening of educational institutions plus parents and pupils demanding pBooks (printed books) to eBooks.

The ITC has been boosted by robust growth in domestic and exports segments across cartons and the flexibles platforms.

What caught our auditor’s eye was: adoption of sustainable packaging solutions like Bioseal (a compostable packaging solutions for quick service restaurants, personal care and packaged foods industries), Oxyblock (a recyclable coating solution with enhanced barrier properties for packaged foods, and edible oils) and germ-free coating (solution for microbial free packaging surface addressing the consumer consciousness towards hygiene and safety).


  • Ocean’s Deep Printers
  • Parksons Packaging
  • Printmann Offset
  • RS Graphics