PrintWeek Awards 2019: Bell Printers wins Packaging Converter of the Year- Luxury (Joint Winner)

Bell Printers, which won the Special Jury Award in the 2018 edition of the Awards, returns to share the top prize with Pragati Pack.

02 Dec 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

The Kadaknath Eggs rigid packaging uses gold foiling and white egg screen printing to indicate the simplicity of the box. The black colour is used to associate the box with the black Kadaknath hen.

The tubes and inner partitions are arranged to protect the egg.The lid of the HM Herbals innovative rigid box can be flipped and innovatively used in either direction — as a top box during transport to protect the bottles and as a bottom box for display in retail.

The box uses luxury green foil, 12-step grooving, sharp-edge finishing, and four-side display style.

The Swasthya Ayurvedha (Prasava Raksha) kit box simulates the process of the conception and the delivery of a baby.

The pouches for infusion in hot bath are placed inside a hay nest with a bar of handmade soap. The design is focused on being natural.

The large holographic display box for WGN has been designed to house a holographic projection device named Spider. The inside of the lid has a reflective silver acrylic panel that demonstrates simple and effective luxury.

The shortlisted companies in this category were:

  • CDC Printers
  • Chennai Technologies
  • ITC Packaging and Printing Division
  • Kumar Printers
  • Manipal Utility Packaging Solutions Nextgen Printers
  • Parksons Packaging
  • Perfect Packaging
  • Replika Press
  • Silverpoint Press
  • Sukee Print Pack
  • Viraj Prints