Printing Technologists Forum to celebrate 38th founding day

Chennai-based Printing Technologists Forum (PTF) celebrated its 38th founding day pm 10 December 2018 at Hall of Guines ’68, Anna University campus, Chennai.

11 Dec 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

Pathala Selvan, resource managing director, Idealliance South Asia

A session themed ‘G7- one calibration methodology for any process and any substrate’ was conducted by K Pathala Selvan, resource managing director, Idealliance South Asia.

Speaking about G7, Selvan said, “This is a must know calibration methodology which is globally accepted by the best brands and practised by thousands of printers globally.”

“I can even say that G7 is the world’s highest qualification for a printer. Idealliance with its global presence at 12 locations are key enablers of quality for brands and printers including G7. Even though printers know that grey balance is the key to print quality, very few understand why and that is what I will be addressing in the session,” he added.

PTF also presented Achievement Awards to first rank holders of Institute of Printing Technology, Anna University, Avinashilingam University and SIGA.

The event and the awards were sponsored by Multivista Global.