Print re-opens after 70 days of lockdown with restrictions and hope

After 70 days of lockdown in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, print companies are from today unlocking their businesses.

08 Jun 2020 | By Noel D'Cunha

The re-opening of print doors after 70 days, is part of the Government’s first of the controlled steps to resuscitate the economy, and trying to figure out how the industries will deliver its services amid several restrictions.  Among the segments in print, packaging companies have been operating a week after the lockdown was announced. Gopi Ballarwad, director at Bengaluru-based Itek Packz, whose company's plant has been in operation since 30 March, said, for Itek, this formal opening of offices doesn’t feel any different. “However, till yesterday the risk factor was low. But from today, there will be more crowd in public places. We will be in fear always.”

Ballarward however, said, that his company is maintaining safety measures, like social distancing, at his factory. “Any employee who is reporting to office for the first time, his/her health will be monitored for seven days. If they are fit, they will be allowed to enter the production unit on the seventh day.”

However, there are also some companies who have not been able to bear the losses arising out of the lockdown. SK Kalim, print technologist from West Bengal, has lost his job. After 70 days of lockdown, it's a new start for Kalim. “Yes, it's really a new start for me and my team with whom I was working for eight years day and night through ups and downs.”

He added, “Unfortunately in this lockdown we were left with no other choice but to re-start our professional life. Many of us will suffer the most and for some it will be an opportunity to shine even brighter. I believe that one company’s loss is other company’s gain. We will lose one opportunity, but there will be others who can available of our experience.

PrintWeek spoke to few in the industry to find out what message they’d have for their team.

(l-r) SK Kalim, Girish Rao, Shekhar Amberkar, Harveer Sahni and Yash Seth

Girish Rao, managing director, Akruti, Pune
I told them that take out the fear from your mind about Corona and the uncertainty but take all precautions to be safe at press.  Let's begin the work with fresh and positive mind and let's work hard to overcome this situation. Company will take care of your financial needs so you work with free mind without burden. I am sure that we will be successful in future.

Shekhar Amberkar, assistant director and head-international packaging centre, Indian Institute of Packaging
It’s human to feel nostalgia. This is a temporary phase, once we all enter to routine, doors of  opportunities are going to be  open wide. Although the time is not glittery, however the force with real values will always stay ahead. Lets focus on strengths. Pull up your socks and get going.

Lets' make ourself clear in mind by current situation of this epidemicity that things are not getting worse, rather they are getting uncovered. However, this made us realise, Human connection is more valuable than everything.

Now it's a time to create meaningful goals for future journeys. Stay focused, calm, healthy and immune.

Harveer Sahni, chairman, Weldon Celloplast
It is challenging times ahead, while suppliers and customers were in a similar lockdown, all was silent. Once opened, it is going to be a storm before things settle down, which will take time because the volumes will take time to get back to normal and financial pressures all around will create uneasy difficult situations. Be patient, understanding and think out of the box to reach some level of stability, normalcy will eventually return though it may take time.

Yash Seth, director at SK Enterprise
"It feels like a new beginning, so let us make the most of it and feel blessed for our comeback to work by taking this opportunity to add value to customers' business via Print in these tough times as well. Though the dark clouds of Covid still gloom over our heads, it is time to not get frightened by it, but make sure to take all precautions for safety and keep going."