Packaging should innovate and elevate experience

During the Circular Economy Forum one of the talking points that emerged was how the industry is working continuously to reduce waste, improve recycling and eliminate accidents. The industry’s improvement level shows its commitment to worker safety plus greater awareness.

09 Dec 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

Suresh Shah of Nulith Graphic said, "Today, products are designed to reduce the overall impact on human health and the natural environment. More and more converters are vigilant about using energy, water and other resources efficiently. By reducing waste, pollution, some of Nulith's products replace use of plastic."

Shah added, "India has a huge unorganised market which deploys plastic or PE coated paper board replace with water base coating. This is environment and human health friendly plus cost effective."

Rajiv Khatkhate, partner of Pezasys said, "FSSAI compliance is important, especially for those converters who cater to the food packaging industry." In addition, he mentioned fire safety audit at every packaging factory. He implored all converters to be a partner with the client rather than "just a vendor". He said, "If you opt for value addition in products and services; you must share the ideas and concepts in advance."

Ajay Gandhi of Kunal Enterprises concurred. He requested all converters to spend some time in innovation plus restructure existing printing machine assets as well as look for industrial printing.

Gandhi concluded, "More and more converters should look out for food safe coatings and vegetable oil base wash."