Labelexpo Preview: Pre-press – imagers and plates

As sustainability becomes a more important buying criteria for brands, label converters must look for ways to be more sustainable while still maintaining a reasonable cost structure. Plates have to use less ink, emit fewer VOCs in the press room. At the show, visitors can see such solutions, which in addition has the ability to reduce makeready waste and waste due to plate cleaning press stops.

23 Sep 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Allegro Laser System

Applied Laser Engraving | Hall 7, Stall E38

The new system has four lasers for both anilox and direct metal engraving giving the system increased pulse speeds and broader application variety. It will enable the end user to diversify business sectors and provide a combined solution for both anilox and direct metal engraving.



Asahi Photoproducts | Hall 5, Stall A34

CleanPrint uses less ink, emits fewer VOCs in the pressroom, reduces makeready waste and waste due to plate cleaning press stops, and adds even more environmental sustainability to the process. Not only does this help with regulatory compliance, it also creates a safer, and cleaner workplace.



Cheshire Anilox Technology | Hall 6, Stall C37

The company’s new fixed palette printing (FPP) solution, ProFlo offers a controlled ink transfer and eliminates many of the problems related to FFP/ ECG. Cheshire will also demonstrate TactiLox 2.0 for the challenging tactile varnishing, and Maxflo+ to solve UV spitting.


Esko CDI Crystal 4835 XPS

Esko | Hall 3, Stall C60

Esko will demonstrate its software prowess which the company says, does not just add value to the pre-press and print process but also makes it efficient. Under the banner, Labels connected, Esko will show its full ecosystem in operation - the Esko CDI Crystal 4835 XPS flexo imager with plate handler – the world’s first introduction at the show, claimed Esko.

On display at the stand will be other software technologies including the scalable automated workflow server Automation Engine, web-based project management platform WebCenter, flexo platemaking and screening software Print Control Wizard, the pre-press editor ArtPro+ and 3D packaging software Studio.

Flenex FW

Fujifilm | Hall 9, Stall A34

Fujifilm will have three key products – Flenex FW, the water washable plates and flexo processors; Illumina LED UV curing solution, a retro-fittable solution; and inkjet imprinting bars to add digital capability to a flexo press or offline label customisation.

Multi DX 320 hybrid CTP

Lüscher | Hall 11, Stall C15

The company claims that the CTP device, Multi DX 320 hybrid, is the only 'all in one' device which can expose all kind of plates including screens (rotary and flat). How do customers benefit? They need only one single system to expose offset,  letterpress, flexo plates and screens.


OEM 45iX

Luxinar | Hall 3, Stall A05

The company will make its show debut with its bestseller OEM 45iX direct laser engraving as the star product. Luxinar sealed CO2 laser sources can be used on a wide array of materials for applications ranging from cutting, drilling, kiss-cutting and perforating, to marking, engraving, scribing and welding.


Lava NW-M processor, Lux ITP series plates

MacDermid Graphics Solutions | Hall 5, Stall A17

MacDermid’s focus will be on showing the missing piece in the platemaking process and how MacDermid can provide it. The show will see MacDermid introduce its Lava NW-M thermal processing unit, as well as debut the Lux ITP flat-top dot plates, LUX ITP 60, LUX ITP M, and the newest plate – LUX ITP EPIC.

Together, the LUX ITP plates, processed using the LAVA thermal processing system, create a streamlined workflow for printers and converters to reduce platemaking time. Add the Clean Plate technology, and you have a technology that can reduce the number of press stops and ensure a cleaner print and better ink laydown, says MacDermid.


Kodak Flexcel UX Ultra

Miraclon | Hall 4, Stall B61

Following the acquisition of Kodak’s flexo arm, Miraclon is all set to launch the Kodak Flexcel UX Ultra solution, its first aqueous solution for producing Kodak Flexcel NX plates, which utilises the Kodak flat top dot structure. Miraclon says, the new UX Ultra solves the challenge of inconsistency traditionally associated with aqueous processed flexo plates.

The Flexcel NX Ultra solution is a solvent-free, VOC-free, water-based processing solution that allows printers to create a press-ready plate in less than an hour. The plates will be available in thicknesses of 1.14mm and 1.70mm and are ideal for label, paperboard, and flexible packaging applications.


Range of engravings

Sandon Global | Hall 7, Stall E51

The company offers a range of engravings including FluidUV covering both solid and tone work and ProjectBlue, its ultra HD product. GMX is designed to apply special coatings and inks including tactile and offering four opacity levels of opaque white while maintaining press speed.


Imprima LJ

Toray | Hall 11, Stall D02

The plate maker will show a new line of chemistry-free, water- washable plates, Imprima LJ. The plates can be processed in most waterless processors and does not require post-baking. This makes these plates easy to insert into any offset workflow and results in low-cost processing.



Zecher | Hall 5, Stall E33

SteppedHex engraving technology produces a uniquely staggered cell geometry. With an improved emptying behaviour of the cells, the SteppedHex engraving helps the user to achieve optimised results. SteppedHex engraving is claimed to improved resolution (in L/cm) of anilox rollers.