Labelexpo 2022: Popli displays laser cleaners for anilox rollers

Popli Graphics showcased its TEG Sitexco Label L10 laser cleaners for anilox rolls during the Labelexpo India 2022, in India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, from 10 to 13 November.

12 Nov 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

The Popli Graphics team at the show

SitexcoLabel and SitexcoPlus are the two series of laser cleaners for anilox rollers. The SitexcoLabel L10 can wash up to 500-mm anilox rollers and it requires 1.5 KW, single phase power. 

Popli Graphics believes that in flexography, anilox is the most important part of the process and the whole quality depends upon three things; ink, plates and anilox. 

Sanjeev Popli, director, Popli Graphics, said, “The problem is with the handling of anilox rollers.” 

The company visited 20-25 factories and observed that the maintenance of the anilox system is not given much importance. “With our laser cleaners, the process of bringing the anilox roller and then cleaning it has been eliminated. So there is no chance of mishandling,” Popli said. 

He said that the chemical that they are using is alkaline, which covers the sustainability aspect. 

“There is no chemical required in the chemical process, and it is easy to use and less space is required. Chemical discharge is a big issue from the label converters because of the chemically driven anilox cleaning process and we are happy to offer a product which can make chemical use and discharge zero. Thus, it became environment-friendly, which is the need of the hour,” he added.

The Sitexco Plus series is dedicated for wide web flexo presses, varnishes and coatings. The series has four models — SitexcoPlus SNP 1.0; SitexcoPlus SLP 1.5; SitexcoPlus SLP 2.5 and SitexcoPlus SLP 3.2. The maximum cleaning length goes from 850-mm to 3,250-mm. Popli said this series is for bigger sizes of anilox rollers from different segments of the industry.

Sitexco Label L10