Kuldip Enterprise invests in Kongsberg

Delhi-based sign and display manufacturer Kuldip Enterprise has installed a Kongsberg X24 Edge production finisher. The company offers all types of signage and fabrication services.

03 Feb 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Harbhajan Singh, managing director at Kuldip Enterprise with the Kongsberg X24 Edge

Harbhajan Singh, managing director at Kuldip Enterprise, said, “We have been in the industry for more than four decades. We have high-speed printers but the bottleneck has always been with finishing. Now, with jobs that have strict deadlines, your first reaction is to get the fastest printer, and the faster you produce finishing has to catch up. Here starts the issue. Your floors are flooded with printed jobs but the finishing is done manually or outsourced. When outsourcing, you cannot control quality, accuracy or time limits — you are at the mercy of others. This made our decision firm to go for a finisher. We researched and reviewed many finishers in the market but Kongsberg was way ahead with its performance and speed. The best part is you can upgrade it on your floor as per future needs.”

According to Samir Patel, MD & CEO, the Kongsberg offers versatility for a wide range of cutting applications. “Whether your focus is 2D or 3D or packaging, signs or displays with just about any material from vinyl, paperboard, textiles to wood. The Kongsberg is perfect for any job or application. It’s built like a tank, robust and accurate. The Kongsberg features the most famous, rock-solid Kongsberg tabletop construction that will never warp or go out of level, even after decades of heavy use. The rack-and-pinion drive system provides speed, durability and strength driving through dense/thick materials with ease. Kongsberg X tables can be configured for milling applications ranging from sporadic, light-duty routing to lengthy jobs working with heavy-duty materials — all with record-breaking productivity,” he said.

He added that the i-cut Production console offers users powerful functionality for signage, display, and packaging production. “The iPC ensures highly efficient production along with extremely accurate print-to-cut registration. The state-of-the-art user interface offers improved usability with its personalized job management operator,” he said.

Singh said adding Kongsberg is like giving a cushion to the production floor. “Adding a finisher gives us the ability to be more creative and think out of the box without the constraints of additional outsourcing costs or manual intervention,” he said.

The Kongsberg X24 is a robust machine that would last well into the future and one that would provide the ability to upgrade tooling options as we grow the business into different markets.

“Knowing that Arrow Digital is supporting this platform gives us a huge sense of comfort, as it always creates innovative applications with print and cut in its demo centre, helping our operators with hands-on training anytime. We have been associated with Arrow since our first Vutek many years ago,” he said.