IndusPrint notches 40 installations which includes Lovely

The Indore-based IndusPrint has more than 40 installations to its credit. Parmeshwar Patidar, managing director of Indus Analytics said, "With a range of software to suit any business size, today we are a trusted MIS software provider for printing, publishing and packaging companies."

08 Nov 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

Parmeshwar Patidar, managing director of Indus Analytics

At Lovely Offset, Sivakasi, the company has leveraged features of IndusPrint ERP. Patidar said, "It integrates various processes and provides increased satisfaction to the end-users. Previously it used to take 30-40 min for one quotation. Now in our software, they complete within 2 minutes. They have improved their operational efficiency by nearly 30%."

"The cost estimation module in IndusPrint software is awesome and outstanding. It is so easy to operate. Even a person having no or little knowledge about printing business, can use it,” said L Selvakumar, director of Lovely Offset, Sivakasi.

The IndusPrint Web (an ERP software) with advanced add-on cloud microservices manages the activity of the press in real-time. According to Patidar, it is seeing huge traction. He said, "Our software is scalable and suits an organisation of any size."

IndusPrint is working on incorporating AI algorithms for planning and scheduling module so as to provide accurate and consistent results. Patidar said, "We plan to use ML for data analytics to provide 100% accurate DSS (Decision Support Systems) to the press owners. Also, we are providing cloud-based microservices and apps to the press. This will enable them to create instant reports and manage their activities."

Patidar is bullish about the future. He said, " IndusPrint aims to achieve 2x growth this year. We aim to notch a hundred installations and thousand users of microservices. We also plan to start 12 hours dedicated customer helpline to resolve customer queries instantly regarding how to use the software or its features. The idea is to make end users capable of doing things quickly so that they focus on their core job."

One reason for the success of the IndusPrint brand is: The reach of print has expanded in the small cities. Patidar stated, "People are changing their patterns of operating and adopting inventions in printing, software automation, and becoming focused and serious about delivering information and values."

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