GoM issues clarification on packaging materials of essential goods

The Government of Maharashtra (GoM) has issued a clarification on its revised lockdown order that packaging materials of essential goods and its supply chain have been exempted from the ongoing lockdown.

07 Apr 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

The clarification mentioned that all necessary packaging units required for industrial units of essential goods under its stated order and section have been allowed to operate. But with barest minimum staff and units must follow the guidelines regarding internal hygiene, social distancing, health monitoring, and so on.

The clarification has come as a relief to various packaging and raw material manufacturers, which were facing problems despite being mentioned as an essential service by the Ministry of Home Affairs. “We are facing issues despite the Home Ministry's order notifying packaging as an essential item. We are also struggling to provide packaging to our customers making essential goods such as grocery and medicines. Because warehouses are being asked to be shut,” tweeted co-founder of one such packaging company.

In addition to the units, to ensure the uninterrupted supply chain of raw materials for industrial units that produce essential goods, manufacturers of such essential raw materials have also been exempted from the lockdown.