FCB Group India restructures, adds one more creative agency

FCB Group India has announced an organisational restructure, which includes the launch of a new creative unit and elevations within the group.

09 Jul 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

(Clockwise from top left) Joe Thaliath, Swati Bhattacharya, Nitin Karkare and Robby Mathew

The Group, which had FCB Ulka and FCB Interface as creative offerings, has added FCB India. These three agencies will be a part of FCB Group India.  

Rohit Ohri, chairman and CEO, FCB Group India, said, “It is imperative for us now, more than ever before, to be able to provide our clients with the strategic direction and creativity they need to navigate the new world we live in today. Our new structure allows for our best people to provide focused and dedicated partnership to our clients; to bring the disruptive creativity, agility, and fluidity that is required today to transform our clients’ businesses and create unmissable brands.”   

With the new three creative agency structure, Nitin Karkare (CEO, FCB Ulka), Swati Bhattacharya (CCO, FCB Ulka), Robby Mathew, (CCO, FCB Interface) and Joe Thaliath (CEO, FCB Interface) have been elevated.

Karkare has been appointed as vice chairman at FCB Ulka Bhattacharya takes on the role of creative chairperson, FCB India Mathew has been appointed as vice-chairman and CCO at FCB Interface. Thaliath has been appointed as vice-chairman and CEO at FCB Interface.

Ohri said, “Nitin, Swati, Robby, and Joe have been the pillars of the group. The creative work that Swati and Robby have done over the last four years has made FCB Group India shine brightly on the global creativity firmament. Nitin and Joe have ensured that our creativity was a powerful economic multiplier for our clients. Together, they have scripted our creative transformation story."  

He added, “I believe this new three creative agency structure sets up the group perfectly to serve our clients better, with sharper focus on their business, and for accelerated growth as we look to our next 60 years in India. It signals the empowerment of our creative leaders and the building of sustainability in our creative transformation journey."  

FCB Group India will be announcing the next level of leadership for each of its agencies soon.

(Source: Campaign India)

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