Fake currency notes with face value of Rs 18 lakh seized in Noida

According to a news published in The Hindustan Times on 9 February, two men were arrested after fake currency notes with a face value of about Rs 18-lakh were recovered from their possession. On 9 February, the police received a tip-off about their movement near Barola and arrested them red-handed.

17 Feb 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

The police also recoered fake currency notes (in denominations of Rs 500, Rs 200 and Rs 100) with a face value of Rs 17,96,400.

According to police, the suspects would roam around in Delhi-NCR and strike a conversation with people. They would tell their victims that they had some fake currency notes which looked almost real. Then they exchanged fake notes with face value of Rs 15,000 with real notes worth Rs 10,000. Initially, the suspects would give real notes to their victims to take them into confidence. Once the victims managed to circulate the notes in the market, they would contact the suspect for more such fake notes.

The next time around, the suspects placed only two original notes on the front and back and properly sandwiched the fake notes in the bundle. They used to fix the deal with the victim to exchange real notes worth Rs 5-lakh with fake notes having a face value of Rs 18-lakh. The suspects usually called the victims for the exchange in a crowded market so that the victims could not count the money.

The suspects used to buy fake notes in bulk from Chawri Bazar in Delhi. The two suspects told police that they had been involved in this racket since March last year after they lost a job during the lockdown.