Demand bolstered by compact and high-end tissue paper products

Worldwide sales of tissue paper converting machines reached three thousand units in 2018, unveils a new research study by Future Market Insights. According to the report, the tissue paper converting machines market is estimated to grow by ~5% YOY in 2019, influenced by recent technologies for enhancing tissue paper formats.

04 Nov 2019 | By Charmiane Alexander

According to the report, increasing focus on strength, printing and embossing quality, and production cost-effectiveness of tissue paper is contributing to the build-up of tissue paper converting machines market through 2027.

The Future Market Insights report has stated: "In 2018, Gambini launched AirMill, the innovative technology that enhances the embossing technology and transformed the conventional tissue paper into increasing volume and good absorbency without compromising its tensile strength. Consumer proclivity for soft and high absorption quality tissue paper, combined with good strength and compact format, will also continue to provide a fillip to the sales of tissue paper converting machines in 2019 and beyond."

As per study analysis, the consumption of tissue paper in the last three years has rapidly increased owing to the growing concern around hygiene maintenance. As tissue paper is used for one time only, it helps to prevent chronic disease spread. This creates a huge opportunity for tissue paper key players. The tissue paper manufacturers have started investing in capacity expansion and quality management.

As per the report, the global tissue paper converting machines market size was USD one billion in 2018. There is an investment in innovative and high-end technologies for increasing production capacity of tissue paper is the fuelling factor for the increasing demand for tissue paper converting machines across the world.

In terms of market share, China is the leading country in the global market of tissue paper converting machines during the forecast period. The tissue paper converting machines manufactured by the key players of China are available at an affordable price. These machines are best suitable for start-ups and small and medium scale tissue paper industries as these industries have a low production capacity.

As per the Future Market Insights analysis, toilet roll converting machines are the most preferred over others. As per recent developments, manufacturers can skip rewinding of logs by using the toilet tissue paper converting machines. Hence, significant growth of toilet roll tissue paper converting machines is expected during 2019-2027.

One of the trends is: players can skip the use of rewinding of logs using advanced toilet tissue paper converting lines. It is a witness that the demand for toilet tissue paper is growing significantly in the Asia Pacific and North American regions. As per the report, the global sales of toilet roll converting machines poised to reach approximately two thousand units in 2019. Following this, the demand for kitchen roll converting machines is estimated to shoot up by the end of 2027, as the European consumers have a higher demand for kitchen tissue paper in consumer and hospitality sectors.

The modern converting machines maintain the embossing and printing quality during tissue paper formatting. The sales of folded tissue paper converting machine lines will continue to remain less, reveals the study. Owing to an increasing preference of pocket tissue papers, the demand for paper napkin converting machines is expected to be bearish during 2019-2027. The market share for standalone machines will remain constant due to the increasing preference for integrated technology-based machinery.

Highlights in the Tissue Paper industry

On 29 July 2019, a China-based company BaoSuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., introduced a YC-PL fully automatic napkin production line which has a production speed of 150 m/min.

On 6 August 2019, Fabio Parini SpA acquired a Brazil-based company Roll Tec Cilindro for expanding its business.

In August 2019, Paper Converting machine company introduced meridian laser anilox cleaner which cleans the roll without adding chemicals.

On 27 November 2018, Cascade Inc invested USD 58 million to modernise tissue converting capacity at its Wagram, NC plant.

In 2018, Metsa Tissue replaced its old machines with an increased capacity machine having a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes. In order to deal with the growing demand for tissue paper in the West European region, the company started new away-from-home, converting lines at its Germany plant.