CII awards 38 firms with GreenCo rating

As many as 38 companies have been awarded with GreenCo rating for their excellent performance in resource conservation and environmental management at the annual GreenCo Summit held on 4 July 2019 in New Delhi. Instituted by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the GreenCo Rating System assesses companies on its environmental performance and suggests the way forward in addressing the climate change concerns.

12 Jul 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Companies adopting GreenCo rating go through a rigorous assessment process before being rated as ‘green’. Till date, over 550 companies have been working on the rating and 260 firms have already been rated as green. Last year, at least 64 companies had gone through the assessment process, where 38 among them were awarded the GreenCo rating at the summit.

GreenCo-rated companies have reported saving of up to Rs 1,257 crores with a payback period of 21 months, apart from environmental benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, annual savings of 256 million units of energy, and conservation of up to 183 million kilolitres of water.

VK Yadav, chairman of the Railway Board, underlined that the Indian Railways has always promoted sustainability as one of its core agenda. “All 68,000 kilometres of rail track will be electrified in the next three years to completely eliminate diesel consumption. The Ministry of Railways plans to set up 1,000 MW solar power and 200 MW of wind power, which would help the Railways to source about 10% of its electrical energy from renewable source. A total of 87 MW of rooftops solar plants at railway stations and service buildings are already functional and orders for 130 MW plants have been placed. The Railways has installed 103 MW wind plants across Zonal Railways,” he said.

Yadav also lauded the GreenCo rating, stating that the system has encouraged the Railways to pursue manufacturing excellence in workshops and production units. “Indian Railways will not rest on laurels and will continue its green work,” he added.

Meanwhile, Vikram Kirloskar, president of CII, underlined that the Indian Railways has taken a herculean task of improving the environmental performance and have come out in flying colours. “Environmental improvements must be put in the fast track to make the whole country competitive and sustainable. Behavioural change is the key to environmental sustainability and every company, community and individual should change to make the country sustainable,” he said.

Rajesh Agrawal, member (rolling stock) of Railway Board, said that GreenCo rating has brought in significant changes in the overall approach adopted by the Indian Railways towards green. “Holistic and multi-pronged approach of GreenCo has enabled Indian Railways to take a reality check on energy and water consumption in its workshops and production units,” Agrawal suggested

He further noted that post-GreenCo adoption, railway units have been working with a lifecycle approach in all its activities. He added that 48 workshops and production units of the Railways have been GreenCo-rated and have achieved phenomenal savings through the rating.