Canon unveils two new presses

In April 2020, Canon launched a new generation of B3 sheetfed inkjet press – VarioPrint iX-series, an evolution of the VarioPrint i-series.

08 Dec 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

The iX-series features two base models, the 320 A4ipm (9,000 SRA3iph) iX-3200 and the 210 A4ipm iX-2100, which is field upgradable to the iX-3200 specs, and features Canon’s latest iQuarius technology centred on higher resolution 1,200dpi heads jointly developed with Kyocera.

Recently, Canon has launched a spruced up ProStream high-speed inkjet capable of producing 11,300 four-back-four B2 sheets per hour at 1,200dpi, which is aimed at continuous printers to commercial operators.

The duplexing printer runs a 558mm wideweb with a print repeat length of up to 1,524mm. 

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