Almirah printing segment on the rise

The trend of customisation of personal belongings is on the rise. To give homes and workplaces a make-over, people are opting for almirahs with digitally printed doors – with pre-set designs or personalised prints, and the CJ UV flatbed printers are here to change the landscape of the almirah printing industry.

14 May 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

The market is now projecting an increase in demand for the printed home-furnishing products. In addition to being in demand for the B2C market, it has the potential to cater the B2B segment by servicing industries like furniture design and production, architectural rendering, interior designing, and wood veneer manufacturing among many more.

The UV flatbed printers are also extremely adept to print on ceramic tiles, wood, glass, metal doors, PVC door, acrylic and ACP sheet, mobile back covers, and laptop back panels among other surfaces. The multiple applications make these printers a perfect choice to grow in print business.

The printing process with CJ UV flatbed printers is simple. While printing almirah panels, there’s no need for pre-coating. You can print the panels directly. These printers are ideal for digital printing and beautification of wardrobes and other products. Post-printing, a coating needs to be applied that helps give 3D and gloss finish, makes the surface scratch-free, and increases the life of the print.

As per the joint research by Apsom and ColorJet, the almirah printing industry has grown at a CAGR of about 35% in the past year. These state-of-the-art printers help bring imagination to life quickly, seamlessly, and as desired. You can print approximately 1,000 almirah panels in a month (each panel size of 18-sqft).

ColorJet’s heavy-duty machine offers high-speed printing of up to 63-sqmt/hour on a wide range of media. The UV digital printers are green and nature-friendly, as they use efficient UV LED curable GreenTech inks. These printers add exceptional value to the furnishing industry by orchestrating the possibility to print endless designs and significantly reducing the turnaround time.

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