Labelexpo 2023 preview: Re - Tresu  

The expo from 11-14 September in Brussels (Belgium) will showcase a host of technologies for the rapidly evolving labels and packaging segment. PrintWeek highlights the top 150 exhibitors from the boutique show. Here is the sixth lot.

11 Sep 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Re Stand: 9C36
Re will showcase its ReVision Net, the new fully integrated web viewing and control system. Easy to install, with seamless usability, it offers the biggest field of view for its category. At Labelexpo Europe, the company will also promote its web guiding systems equipped with the latest technologies.

Renova Stand: 6C48
Renova is an Italian company with the mission to create innovative, high-quality and customer-oriented products for the web processing industry. Materials in roll, such as paper, film and foil, vary significantly in size and weight, therefore, needing application flexibility that finds an answer in the wide product range designed by Renova. Its pneumatic brakes and magnetic powder brakes fit any application and maintain the high sensibility and torque ratio necessary to obtain accurate web tension control both in the tensioning phase and in emergency stop situations.

RK PrintCoat Instruments Stand: 4A50
RK PrintCoat Instruments, a pre-press colour communication specialist, will showcase its FlexiProof 100 machine incorporating the custom-designed LED UV unit, an alternative to the dichroic mercury arc vapour lamps currently provided. The main components of this machine are identical to a standard flexographic press. FlexiProof 100 utilises a doctored ceramic anilox roller and a photopolymer plate, and, with a maximum speed of 100-mtr/min, realistic printability testing can be undertaken on all types of flexo substrates.

Rheintacho Stand: 11A30
Rheintacho will offer one of the broadest ranges of stroboscope lights in the industry. Currently, the most impressive one is the RT Strobe 12000 with a length of 1,000-mm. This stroboscope is the ideal instrument to light up very large inspection surfaces optimally. High-performance LEDs are the source of light in these instrument. The light control is achieved by using special lenses.

Rhyguan  |  Stand: 9A16A
Rhyguan will present a compact, fully digital finishing machine with Corona, full-rotary flexo (flood varnish), digital die-cutting, and automatic slitting. Die-cutting without any tooling, without compromising on materials or the traditional look and feel of a good die-cut label. Designed especially for finishing of ultra short-run jobs without any tools, it is a modular machine with digital embellishments. For wine labels, the modular PLUS 330 will be shown with a new fast silkscreen unit, silkfoil, and an excellent heavy-duty hotfoil module with dual heating zones and constant dwell-time for reliable and fast set-up. For the longer-run jobs, Rhyguan will show 50% improved productivity by increasing the semi-rotary die-cut speed from 60- to 90-m/min with an improved slitting-rewinding machine.

Rosas Maschinenbau Stand: 7B50
Rosas Maschinenbau will demonstrate its third-generation Gazelle high-speed bidirectional rewinder for imprinting a variety of labels. The new Gazelle III six-colour digital imprinting machine features an unwind diametre 650-mm, web widths from 40-330-mm, print width up to 200-mm, corona treatment, a flexo primer station, Graph-Tech’s EZ 202 DOD colour inkjet head based on Epson S3200 technology, double white DOD UV inkjet with 600-dpi, a 4C DOD UV inkjet with 600-dpi, and an LED UV curing unit.

Rosen Precision Machinery Stand: 5D22
Rosen Precision Machinery will display its SLM-D slitting-rewinder at Labelexpo Europe 2023. The machine can be used for different kinds of self-adhesive labels, kraft papers, and release papers. The machine offers a human-machine interface, with the functions of automatic stop of meter counting, automatic detection of remaining amount, automatic speed regulation of line speed, working parameters and display operation status can be set on the screen.

Rotary Technology (Guangzhou) Stand: 7A42
Rotary Technology (Guangzhou), which specialises in high-precision rotary tooling, will showcase its full range of rotary tools. The company’s products include flexible dies, magnetic cylinders, print cylinders, rotary cutters, slitters, anvil rollers, shaft, screen rings, anilox rollers, tint rollers, rubber rollers, etc. With excellent product quality, high performance-to-value ratio, professional service and technical support, Rotary Technology is not only a leading rotary tooling manufacturer in China, but also exports to different countries.

Rotocontrol Stand: 11C21
Rotocontrol EMT will present its portfolio of finishing machines for label slitting, rewinding, inspection, die-cutting, overprinting, digital and booklet printed labels. Also featured will be EMT International’s Chameleon finishing technology and auxiliary processing solutions for the global inkjet market. Available in basic inspection/rewinding configurations, Rotocontrol machines can also be fitted with numerous modules either at order or later in the field for enhanced capabilities such as integrated vision inspection, semi-automatic turrets as well as multiple slitting, counting and product detection methods.

Rotometal  |  Stand: 6C35
Rotometal will use the Labelexpo Europe show to give its new magnetic cylinder, MCA, a European launch. It is a new product family that provides all the features of the standard MCs currently available while optimising cylinder weight and shipping costs. The aluminium alloy used in MCA cylinders is used in the aviation and space industries, ensuring low weight with high strength and high hardness. It ensures a weight reduction of nearly 50%, facilitating assembly, disassembly, use of the cylinder and its storage. The new technology retains all the most important parameters of the standard technology: corrosion-resistant body, magnetic force maintained throughout the product life cycle, hardened raceways with a hardness above 60HRC, possibility of cylinder regeneration, easier assembly of flexible die thanks to the mounting line, possibility of making additional pins for additional protection against displacement, axial runout precision -0.0004-inch, and cylinder gap of 0.0001-inch. Vinsak represents Rotometal in India.

Schobertechnologies Stand: 7B31
Schobertechnologies, a specialist in the development, design and manufacturing of rotary die-cutting machines, will showcase, for the first time live, a twin spider set-up for its RSM410 IML/MX. The twin spider is specially designed for the high-speed die-cutting and stacking of in-mould labels. This solution combines acceleration, velocity and precision at a continuous web speed. The innovative drive technology of the RSSM410 IML/MX combines continuous and vector rotary die-cutting technology in re-registration mode, offering format-independent solutions.

Screen  |  Stand: 9B30
At Labelexpo Europe 2023, Screen will introduce its Truepress PAC520P water-based inkjet press optimised for printing on paper-based flexible packaging materials. The company said this responds to the growing trend of brands looking for a sustainable alternative to multi-layer plastic packaging. The machine prints onto uncoated, machine-glazed (printing side) barrier papers from 40-250-gsm at speeds of up to 80-m/min with a maximum resolution of 600x900-dpi, a maximum width of 520-mm and a maximum paper reel diameter of 1,000-mm. Screen will also launch the third generation of its hybrid press developed jointly with Nilpeter, combining its SAI inkjet digital printing technology with Nilpeter’s FA-Line flexo platform. Additionally, it will introduce an inline digital primer prototype for the Truepress L350UV SAI UV inkjet press.

Sei Laser Stand: 9C57
Sei Laset will present Labelmaster, the flagship narrow-web (350-mm) and medium-web (600-mm) laser die-cutting and finishing system. For the first time in the world, Labelmaster presents KyoJet, the new high-resolution digital UV inkjet inline solution. Labelmaster and KyoJet represent the only single-pass system from PDF to shipping, in the label market.

Shenzhen Pushi Technology Stand: 4B64
Shenzhen Pushi Technology is the first global supplier of label-marking consumables and label printers that integrates R&D, production and sales in China. With 19 years of experience, Puty has more than 70 R&D engineers and over 100 patents.  With the continuous expansion of the Puty label identification product line, the PT series label printers have been launched one after another. It has been widely used in power telecommunications, warehousing logistics, file management, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Shenzhen Yuanmingjie Technology Stand: 4C69
YuanMingJie Technology will display the RDSR20. The machine detects the HF and UHF of the finished reel label to check whether it’s good or bad, while stripping the bad label and re-labelling the good one, and preventing appearance defects. The machine is compatible with different thicknesses and widths of the reel labels. It can also be used for internal and external code consistency detection of defective products for inkjet marking.

Siegwerk  |  Stand: 7A11
Siegwerk will introduce its portfolio of UV, LED-UV, solvent-based and water-born ink systems, including special whites suitable for shrink sleeves used for non-food and food packaging applications. It will also showcase its newly developed TMPTA-free LED-UV curing systems Sicura Flex Dual Cure for non-food applications as well as SicuraNutriflexLEDTec for food, pharma and hygiene packaging applications. The company will also display its product portfolio of UV and water-based inkjet inks for narrow and wide-web packaging. For inkjet applications, Siegwerk will highlight ink series for the growing direct-to-object printing market of preformed 3D objects, such as plastic tubes, as well as low-migration inks for sensitive applications like food, pharma and hygiene packaging. It will also present developments for optimising the recyclability of packaging to support a more sustainable packaging industry and circular economy.

Sihl Stand: 6C15
Sihl will showcase solutions in the segments, such as label facestock, Artysio flexible packaging and tags with focus on sustainability. In the facestock range, it offers innovations for water-based on-demand inkjet printing. Next to new features, it includes sustainable films with up to 90% recycled content.  With Artysio, it offers functional, flexible packaging solutions for water-based on-demand inkjet printing. Its pre-made stand-up pouches can be individually printed. In the tags segment, the company has an extensive range for many different applications, such as tear-resistant loop tags, hang tags and linerless tags.

Sirpi Stand: 7E28
Sirpi is an Italian screen inks manufacturer in the business for more than 50 years. The company has a full range of product for the label industry, focusing on UV Screen inks and UV varnish for special effects. At the show, the company will highlight its deep black mat UV  for wine label production and a full range of UV varnish for protection and decoration of labels. It also has screen and flexo varnishes suitable for overprinting digital labels that can accept hot stamping.

SisTrade Stand: 6C41
SisTrade will showcase its latest software version V.12.13 which highlights the label technical data sheet (TDS) as the main data repository, which, in combination with graphical process management and digital job order, contains all the technical data necessary for a smart production and full data traceability. TDS stores all the information related to a specific product estimate that was previously approved through the workflow. It takes into account every single technical detail relevant to an efficient product lifecycle.

Sitexco-Teg Technologies Stand: 7D31
TEG Technologies will introduce the Sitexco Label L20 anilox cleaning system. The company has expanded its Sitexco range of laser cleaners with the new Sitexco Label L20. It is a laser system designed using the Sitexco Plus innovative technology and it is specifically designed for the narrow-web industry. The Sitexco laser cleaning technology is the result of years of experience to reach the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective solution available. Anilox cleaning is essential to achieve better print quality regardless of the line screen and geometry of your anilox inventory.

Starfoil Technology Stand: 6C18
Starfoil Technology will showcase its popular Value Line 1300SXL spooling/slitting machine with its latest technology, including a higher speed of 250-m/min and  larger diameter rolls up to 350-mm.  Machine can unwind from 1-, 3- and 6-inches to master rolls on 1- and 3-inches cores by means of shear slitting or razor slitting with a maximum unwind roll diameter of 700-mm. Due to the challenging demand to also increase speed of the CLC model, Starfoil will also present their newest CLC-600XLR.

Synthogra Stand: 6A36
Synthogra will present its new film made with 70% used cooking oil: SYN-BOPP Transparent HB top coated 70% Recuco available in 26 and 32µm. The product is sustainably produced from bio-based feedstock that is unsuitable for consumption and is animal-free and in no direct competition with the human food chain. The film is suitable for direct food contact and is designed for use in HFFS and VFFS flexible packaging, as well as in overwrapping applications.

Technocut Stand: 4A40
Tecnocut will display the E-Diffsystem, its adjustable and electronic anvil, the 100% digital and the most reliable in the market. It will also be shown together with the company’s cylinder quick-change system, known as Pit Stop.
As in the Formula pit lane, it changes the cylinders in less than 30 seconds. It will also showcase its waste matrix removal system, the latest model of Label Mover and the accurate, fast and electronic slitting station. This year, Tecnocut celebrates its 30th anniversary. Vinsak is Technocut’s Indian representative.

Teknek Stand: 8A61
Teknek will introduce the Tek-NW3 web cleaner. Designed for operators looking to achieve profitable, defect-free production in even the most challenging print applications, the Tek-NW3 combines performance with lowest maintenance requirements and significantly improved environmental credentials. The Tek-NW3 is designed to perform, engineered for flexibility and easy customisation and is built to last. With sustainability principles at its core, the Tek-NW3 is made from 70% aluminium. The Tek-NW3 incorporates the new and patented Cleaning Roller Guard, a simple but intelligent design feature that prevents the machine from running without adhesive, preventing accidental damage to the cleaning rollers and safeguarding cleaning performance.

Teknova Matbaacilik Stand: 3A33
Teknova will present its NP series water-based flexo inks at Labelexpo Europe 2023. Teknova’s NP series water-based flexo inks are suitable for printing on HDPE, LDPE and polypropylene. This exclusive ink, with its formulation made by the latest technologies, is compatible with all kinds of films being used in the label industry.

Tresu  |  Stand: 7C19
Tresu, a leading provider of flexographic printing technology and coating solutions, has introduced a variant of the third-generation L-series coating circulator: Tresu H5i G3 for high-performance circulation with high flow, high viscosity, high speed, high temperatures and high pressure. The Tresu H5i G3 is designed for the automation of special coating applications enabling sheetfed and web offset printers to save resources while exploiting high-speed coating with full control and no risk of micro-foaming and blisters. Tresu is represented by New Delhi-based CGSASP.

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