Wide-format - Top Picks: HP

The HP L335 can print on traditional signage substrates and beyond up to 64-inches. With six colours and 1,200-dpi printing, prints on the L335 are sharp, consistent

05 Mar 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

It was launched worldwide in September 2016.

The L335 is one of the most popular models in signage industry and has the highest number of install base from the HP Latex Series.

The L335 offers repeatable image quality with high efficiency curing. It helps eliminate waiting time and prints come out dry and ready for finishing and delivery. It produces high-quality at the speed of 140-sqft/hr. Tools like HP Quick Substrate Profiling, easy Flexi Print HP Edition RIP, user replaceable HP Thermal Inkjet printheads supports in maintaining high image quality over the life of the printer.

The HP L335 is stable, versatile and economical model in 64-inches series and comes with the latest technologies, such as OMAS and Optimiser.

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