Visitor Speak: Shail Patel of Gujarat Print Pack Publication

PrintWeek India speaks to Shail Patel of Gujarat Print Pack Publication, a visitor at Labelexpo Europe.

28 Sep 2013 | By PrintWeek India

What are the major changes that you see in the industry that is currently taking place?
Although I stepped into the label printing industry only few months back, I still feel that inkjet label printing is emerging as an important technology. My focus in this visit has been to track the changes in the inkjet label printing technology?

Digital is still considered to be a costlier option compared to others. Do you foresee yourself owning one digital press?
Yes, digital as a technology is still costlier than the tradition printing technology. However, the growing demand for short-run labels across the globe has been one of the most effective drivers of this technology. Before we think about commissioning a digital press what we are looking at is to understand if there is ample demand that digital printing could serve while having high ROI. I want to buy an inkjet machine that is very cost effective while maintaining the needs of the business. Therefore, I have been looking at cheaper models which can help us take an entry in the industry and gradually scale up.

The machine/technology that stood out for you at this label expo…
Heidelberg Linoprint is a sturdy machine, well suited for any entry level printer. One of the most interesting things about the machine doesn’t have any click charges.

What is the major trend that you spotted during the show?
Sustainability has taken precedence over the usual claims of providing better quality products. Perhaps, we have already hit a dead-end there. What I am looking for is to have a better ROI with lesser technology. I hope that as the market matures people understand that there is no point working with the least amount of margins and still exercise a price war.

One change that should be adopted in the industry?
As the company is evolving try higher end jobs and be proud of creating something new. It’s a good time to experiment and learn from your mistake.

New entrepreneurs are known to spot opportunities. Where do you foresee growth for print market?
One of the most interesting technologies I have been following is the 3D printing. In addition to the markets outside. it’s fascinating to see a product being manufactured from the design to end. I foresee that every company and every house will have one of the 3D printing machines.