Test your Packaging IQ – Packaging World Records

The beverage packaging market is expected to grow to a whopping number of USD 128,000-mn by 2027, and aluminium cans are an essential part of it, but have you ever wondered when did the canning of these soft drinks begin?

Carbonated soft drink canning began in 1940. Aluminium was introduced in a metal can making in 1957. Aluminium beverage cans were introduced in 1964, and by 1985 the dominated the beverage market.

2018 notched up world records set in the printing and packaging industry. The time is opportune for you to test how connected you are with the market scenario and how much you really know about industry on goings.

The WhatPackaging? quiz returns with some fun and facts and trivia for 2019.

12 Jan 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Q. Who has the world record for making the world’s largest T-shirt out of recycled plastic?
A. Plastindia Foundation. With an aim to create awareness about plastic recycling in India, Plastindia Foundation entered the Guinness World Records by making the world’s largest t-shirt. The giant t-shirt of size 97.5x70.08 metres is made out of 100% recycled plastic waste from 200,000 PET bottles.

Q. Who holds the world record for the world’s largest cardboard box mosaic logo?
A. Bobst achieved the Guinness World Records title for the largest cardboard box mosaic (logo) on 27 September 2018. This achievement was completed on the company’s Mex production site in Vaud, during the staff day. 

In two hours and 45 minutes, the Bobst’s employees managed to reproduce the brand’s logo covering a surface of 206 sqm. The measured Bobst logo mosaic was 32.32-metres wide and 6.365-metres high.

Q.Who holds the record for the world’s largest display of packaged product?
A. Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan. The largest packaged product display measures 1,470.81 (51,941 cubic-ft 276 cubic-inches) and was achieved by Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan at Metro Cash and Carry in Lahore, Pakistan. The display measured 62.765 metres in length and 24.719 metres in width and 0.948-metres in height.

Q.Who holds the record for the oldest branding in packaging?
A. The oldest branding (packaging) for a brand is Tate and Lyle’s Golden Syrup (UK). This packaging has been maintained since 1885 with slight technical changes during the war due to material shortage.

Q.Who holds the record for the manufacturing of the world's largest cardboard box?
A. Paper-based packaging company, Smurfit Kappa holds the record for manufacturing largest cardboard box. Measuring a staggering 40 metres by 20 metres, the box was designed and manufactured by a team of creative thinkers in the Smurfit Kappa van Dam plant in the Netherlands.