Star Product: Duplo DIJ 200

Launched at the show by TechNova, Duplo DIJ 200 is a two-colour inkjet press targeted at the publication.

15 Nov 2013 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

What is the product?
Duplo DIJ 200 is a two-colour digital sheetfed press based on inkjet technology. It uses oil-based pigment inks and can print red, green, black, brown, blue and grey colours although two at a time. The machine also incorporates the provision to print custom pantone colours. It is a robust machine with compact size.
When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
In India, the product has been launched by TechNova at Pamex 2013. TechNova signed an alliance with Duplo in February 2013 and since then this is the first product launch for Duplo in India. The digital inkjet press is aimed at the short-run publishing sector. There has always been a requirement for printing books in two colours however since there was no solution available in the market catering to such a requirement, the jobs had to be compromised with single-colour printing.

What is the USP of the equipment?
To be able to print two colours for a digital sheetfed press is the USP of the machine.

Productivity and profitability?
The machine forms a profitable alternative for monochrome machines with an added advantage to cater to two-colour book printing digitally.

Special features?
Also, the provision to print special colour inks enables the user to reproduce a gamut of spot colours making it easier to cater to brands.

How eco-friendly is it?
Being an inkjet press, the machine does not have a fuser and this drastically reduces the electricity consumption of the machine to 630W, thereby conforming to the environmental standards and contributing to green printing.

Click charges?
In addition, unlike other digital presses, the model of click charges does not apply here. The user has to just pay for the ink cartridges. Thus the user has the flexibility to lower its total cost of ownership as the print coverage varies in book publishing segment.

What is the speed of the machine?
According to Ajay Nagar, manager marketing, DIS at TechnNova, the machine can run at a maximum speed of 200 A4 pages per minute for simplex printing and 164 A4 prints per minute in duplex mode. It can handle paper stock from 65gsm to 210gsm.

Does it have a attachment option?
“A feeding unit at the start and a post-press equipment from Duplo can be seamlessly integrated with the machine. For instance, we have a booklet maker which can take the printed sheets and form a booklet inline,” says Nagar.

Low, medium or high investment equipment?
It is a medium investment, says Nagar