Shaji Damodar: I see a paperless future ahead

From a family traditionally being owners of rice mills, Shaji Damodar bucked the trend in 1995 by starting a printing unit as a diversion, which eventually became a full-time business in 2000. 

04 Mar 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Shaji Damodar of Reflection Offset Prints

Located in Palakkad, the company made a significant shift to 3D printing in 2016, with the installation of a CubePro Duos 3D printer. With this investment, the company will focus on prototyping, modelling and designing.

“Getting into 3D printing was a massive step for us. The change was motivated by the potential of this technology to revolutionise engineering, architecture and medical fields,” says Damodar.
The CubePro Duos 3D printing system with Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) technology does multi-material and triple-colour printing with a high-resolution at 70-micron layers or 300-microns for high-speed drafting.

“Our primary customers are product designers, R&D of existing manufacturing companies, and students who are into designing. In my opinion, I see a paperless future, except in the field of packaging, mainly due to the impact of visual media and digitalisation. I am quite excited to have found the right machine that perfectly matched our requirements and that too at an affordable price,” he explains.