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Combining the advantages of vacuum packaging and modified atmospheric packaging, the VG-704 is an ideal choice for extending the shelf life of fresh produce and other perishable food products, says Rushikesh Aravkar.

15 Sep 2017 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

What is it?
The VG-704, manufactured by Chennai-based Sealers India, is a customised sealer for packing of pre-formed trays that couples vacuum packaging and modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) into one machine. It is a versatile machine for packaging a whole range of fresh produce and food products. “It is a valuable piece of equipment, especially today, when the packaged food sector is booming and every manufacturer strives to supply food that is fresh, non-synthetic and with zero preservatives," says Kamini Bobde of Sealers India.
When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
The machine has been in the market for over a decade. It is aimed at diverse markets, ranging from Ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, fish-meat packing, to Indian sweets to fresh fruits and vegetables.  “The major challenge that the food companies have to deal with is decay, contamination, microbial microcosms and retention of sensory qualities of food after packaging. The combination of vacuum packaging and MAP technology is relatively new in India. Food manufacturers including the ones who produce fresh fruits and vegetables, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat convenient foods, everyone needs both vacuum and MAP to retain the freshness, all sensory qualities and hygiene of a food product. Another significant requirement is extended shelf life of packed food,” adds Bobde.
VG-704 is being used for packing range of products like Pomegranate Airils, Indian sweets, ready-to-eat food and also for skin packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits. According to Bobde, customers include Drona Farmers Cooperative for Airils packing, Ajit Sweets, Punjabji Ghasitaram for Indian sweets and snacks, etc. 
What does it do?
The machine can pack trays and cups and the sizes can be customised as per the requirement of the customer. The primary operation of the machine is to preserve the freshness of the food and arrest its decay. 
Bobde says, “The oxygen, moisture and temperature is mainly responsible for the decay and microbial contamination of all food. The VG-704 helps in completely removing all oxygen and arresting moisture in packed food. It removes all the oxygen from the package by vacuuming and then in order to control microbial multiplication and moisture, the tray is flushed with carbon dioxide and nitrogen.”
Since VG-704  has both vacuum and MAP facility it creates an atmosphere devoid of oxygen and is flushed with a combination of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Thus the food is preserved with all its natural qualities. 
How does it work?
At the heart of the machine is the pump used for vacuuming. It is manufactured by Germany-based vacuum pump specialist Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems. It has a capacity of 100 cubic metre per hour. After vacuuming, the residual oxygen is below about 0.4-0.6%. The trays are heat sealed and cut with a tab to peel. The machine is equipped with sensors for automatically drawing in the tray as soon as it is placed on the mould. After vacuuming and gas flushing the tray is ejected out. There are sensors for printed film positioning and cutting of the film. The changeover for mould is less than 10 minutes.
What are the substrates that the machine can handle?
The machine can handle trays made of PP, PE, PS, PET, HDPE, EPS, PSP, Al foil, as well as paper boxes. The sizes and shapes can be customised as per the requirement of the customer.
How fast is it?
The VG-704 can throughput at a speed of 450 trays per hour for single tray. In case of twin-cavity mould the speed is doubled. And even more for a four-cavity mould.

Tech specs

Model VG-704 (four-cavity mould)

Power 220W

Weight 160kg

Speed 960 trays per hour (for four-cavity mould)

Machine size 740x1040x1740mm

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