Sanchit Gupta: Key to survival - Learn, adapt and grow 

In the Rapid Fire questions series, PrintWeek asks Sanchit Gupta questions about print and beyond

20 Dec 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Sanchit Gupta, director, Sain Packaging, Haryana

What is your idea of a perfect print firm in India?
A perfect print firm would be the one that strives to work meticulously to improve the quality of print jobs and the one that explores new technologies everyday. It is important to stay updated with upcoming technologies and have a competitive edge.

The current fact file (turnover / people / machines) of your press?
We are a team of 350 personnel and have equipped ourselves with the latest machinery from Heidelberg, Bobst, Baumer HHS and Robus India.

What is the trickiest colour that you have had to print?
Reproducing lighter shades of blue is always challenging.

What is the quality you seek when you hire?
Employees who approach their job with a flexible mindset. Apart from that, learning and adaptability quotient is also important.

When and which print job or project made you the happiest?
Last year, when we printed our company’s envelopes on the new Heidelberg machine for the first time.

What is the greatest strength of your firm?
I am proud of the quality of products and services we provide. We have been in the industry since 2004 and we cater to the domestic and international market. We believe that while good packaging protects the product, great packaging protects the brand.

Describe your day
It is usually astronomical, filled with ecstatic bliss.

What is your most ‘wow’ moment?
Printing cartons at 15,000 sheets per hour and then pasting them at 450 metres per minute.

Which print technology would you prefer and why?
Offset, because it allows one to print large runs at lower costs.

What is your favourite print joke?
I keep hearing music coming from the printer. I think the paper is jamming again.

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