Product Review: CardXtra Plus from Morgana Systems, UK

The CardXtra Plus is a cutting, creasing and slitting machine for a wide range of digital and litho stock.

26 Feb 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

When was the machine launched?

In 2011

What is the USP of the CardXtra Plus?

It is a multifunctional device that can cut and crease in one pass. In addition to business cards, it can be used to print and finish bookmarks, place cards, greeting cards, tent cards and much more.

Who is it targeted at?

The CardXtra Plus has been manufactured to meet the needs of the growing number of digital printers who require a highly accurate, low-cost, easy-to-use multifunctional device that can slit, cut and crease. With run lengths becoming shorter and jobs being personalised or printed with no “overs”, it is essential to have an accurate, easy to use reliable finishing system; and that is what the CardXtra Plus is.

What are the available configurations and sizes?

Apart from a standard configuration for cutting regular sizes, it also has optional add-ons for non-standard sizes.

What is the speed?

Seven sheets per minute.

How about productivity?

Extremely versatile, it can feed sheets up to SRA 3 in size and can trim, cut and crease in multiple positions. This allows for a variety of applications, be it brochures or other printed items.

Explain the features of the machine

It can cut and crease in one pass besides rule and matrix, which is guaranteed for life. Fully programmable, It can accept stock of up to 0.4mm (400 gsm). The machine is available with three cutters as standard, but one has the choice of adding more cutters.  The image tracking registration mark makes it easy to use.

How does it differ from other versions?

It offers the facility of creasing in addition to cutting. It doubles as a creaser, even when cutting is not required.

What training/service support is on offer?

Malhotra Graphics’ engineers have been trained by Morgana Systems, who in turn offer training and service support.

Name some key customers in India-

Malhotra has installed the CardXtra Plus at Sahaya Printers, Mumbai.



Speed:                    Seven sheets per minute

Dimension:          L 1300mmx W 600mm x H 950mm

Electrical:              240v 50/60hz

Sheet Size:            450mm x 320mm

Sheet Weight:      105gsm - 375 gsm