Product of the Month: VEGA ink portfolio from Siegwerk

JK Raghav and Alok Agarwal of Siegwerk India share the details about the company’s Vega ink portfolio with Rahul Kumar

15 Mar 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the printing ink do?
Printing inks help differentiate between two packaged goods, bring aesthetic appeal and attract consumers towards packaged goods. The Vega ink portfolio from Siegwerk has six excellent products which cater to unique requirements of each segment. These are Vega Pro Rich, Vega Impression, Vega Nature LT, Vega Sprint, Vega Vibrant+ and Vega Prime.

How do these variants differ from each other?
The Vega Pro Rich has high colour strength with high light fastness properties; excellent dot sharpness, gloss retention and colour contrast; good scuff property leading to minimal wastages during printing and post-printing operations. It is suitable for premium packaging jobs.

The Vega Impression is a fast-setting ink system suitable for a variety of substrates — boards and papers. It is suited for fast turnaround operations and perfecting applications. It meets ISO-2846-1 printing standards. It is an ideal ink system for both high-end packaging and commercial jobs.

The Vega Nature LT is a versatile ink system being introduced to give customers a choice using single ink for packaging and publication needs. It has lower tack with moderate viscosity, making it suitable for versatile substrates, including low pick board and paper. It offers excellent colour trapping with fast drying properties.

The Vega Sprint series is ideal for jobs that call for quick ink-water balance and fast drying. The setting speed, drying properties, and duct freshness are some of the features of the series.

The Vega Vibrant+ is a base colour series designed to meet all the requirements of the packaging industry. It has high colour strength which leads to higher printing mileage and consistent print quality with excellent drying properties. It is suitable for the latest generation of high-speed presses. It has more than 20 base colours to cover a wider gamut of special/pantone shades.

The Vega Prime is a unique series with more than 25 base inks. It offers fast drying to minimise the risk of setoff and is suitable for post-print operations. It has excellent roller stability and ink transfer properties, which leads to consistent dot sharpness and trapping properties. It has higher rheology with moderate tack and excellent flow/transfer property.

What was the thought process when the printing ink was conceived?
Mineral oils as a huge group of chemicals have earned disrepute globally for their bad toxicological profile with several research studies confirming the migration of mineral oils into the food. In our uncompromised commitment towards consumer safety and sustainable development, we have introduced Vega, our mineral oil-free ink range to significantly reduce the usage of mineral oil in the packaging industry and make inks safe for all.

When was the printing ink launched?
The Vega (colour of safety) brand of mineral oil-free printing ink was launched in a virtual event on 17 February 2022. The event was attended by approximately 300 converters and 100 business partners. We have received encouraging feedback from those who attended the launch event. 

What is the target market(s)?
Premium packaging, commercial and publication customers who value safety of their employees and customers.

What kind of substrates can it handle?
All types of absorbent stocks — boards and papers.

How fast is it?
The Vega series has exceptional setting and drying properties, which, based on the variant, can set between a few seconds and one minute.

What is the USP of the printing ink?
The USP of the Vega line is undoubtedly the fact that these are one of the safest inks for food and pharmaceutical packaging. Apart from the safety aspect, Vega inks are innovative products which will help our customers improve their productivity and reduce wastages.

How easy is it to use?
Vega inks are fit-it-and-forget-it types. They have been well received by our valued customers.

What training and support are on offer?
Siegwerk’s applications teams are only a phone call away. The Vega range of inks have been designed as a printer-friendly product bouquet to enhance productivity and reduce wastages. Siegwerk will also work with its customers to help them secure necessary certifications for penetrating export markets.

How much does it cost?
The cost per print with these inks is probably the most competitive that any printer would come across in the printing and packaging industry.

Users’ numbers worldwide? How many do you expect to increase in 2022-2023?
Siegwerk, being a global brand, has a huge customer base. We are expecting a growth rate which is much better than the industry growth rate for the Vega brand of mineral oil-free inks.

Dr JK Raghav
Vice-president, technology, sheetfed and global UV projects 
Siegwerk India
Mobile: +91-9983330188