Private View: Fresh Mojito Mentos

Fresh Mojito Mentos is a car perfume packed in a glass bottle and a wooden cap, with a thermoformed tray as the outer package.

11 Apr 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Amit Kale, associate vice president - packaging and automation, Reliance Industries​
The product comes in a PVC thermoformed tray, with a four-colour printed backing paper and a perfect impulse sealing.

The brand name is prominently displayed, and the product, in contact with a glass bottle and a wooden cap is a very innovative design, it gives an excellent aesthetic appeal.

The subtle printing gives the pack a good shelf appeal. The simple artwork given to the brand name adds value. The car air freshener and the stick figure of the car clearly spell its usage.

The product can be recycled if it is disposed of properly, but the recycling symbol is missing, which should have been included.

Raju Kalgutkar, chief Manager - packaging development consumer products division, Piramal Enterprises
There is ample of branding space available on the front panel.

The fragrance type and the product category are well highlighted using a dark green colour patch.

The perfume sticker on the front of the pack helps in understanding the nature of the actual perfume before buying.

A hologram sticker in the back helps in ensuring the authenticity of the product. The pack can be hanged on the shelf using handy euro slot.

The fragrance bottle is housed nicely insides blister cavity along with a cork wood diffuser and thick hanging cord. As an improvement, the size of the pack can be optimized for reduced use of packing materials.