Prakash Babu: Right now, we are utilising 80% to 90% of our capacity

Prakash Babu C, vice-president (south zone) of AIFMP says that the print industry in Bengaluru is slowly picking up momentum

23 Dec 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Babu: The production line was at the peak. Unfortunately, the lockdown was the need of the hour

What is the name of your press?
Prakash Print Park, Bengaluru.

What happened when the PM announced the lockdown?
It was a shock. 

Why so?
We had just moved to our new premises and were settling down. The production line was at the peak. Unfortunately, the lockdown was the need of the hour.

Did you shut down your factory?
Yes, we did (we had to).

How did you inform your staff? 
As most of them knew the reason and the situation leading to the lockdown, we explained to them about the same and the necessity for the lockdown.

When did you start printing again?
We opened the press on 24 May 2020.

Two months of no production.
Yes, but we could start production from only 26 May 2020 onwards.

Anyone in your team who was Covid Positive ...?
Fortunately for us, none in my team. 

What did you print?
We print packaging jobs, mostly labels.

How much of your capacity are you utilising now?
When we started in May 2020, we were able to use only 35% to 40% of our capacity due to the standard operating procedure and staff restrictions. Gradually we have increased our production.

And now?
Right now, we are utilising 80% to 90% of our capacity.

What is happening to the print industry in Bengaluru?
From what I have seen, it is slowly picking up momentum and I am sure in the coming days it will wriggle out of the current position.

Any supplier or trader who has been a huge support?
In fact all my suppliers were very accommodative and cooperative during the hard times.

What made you smile in these tough times?
The support extended by clients, suppliers, my team members, and the encouragement from my friends and family members were reasons for the little smile during those hard times. 

Your worst moment?
By God’s grace I have not encountered any such moment.

Where does your press stand now?
Well, we are almost there, nearing full capacity.

Biggest disaster in this period according to you?
The micro and small printers have been impacted very badly. Most of them have been forced to close, some of my clients were not able to do the business. And it was not only printing but across the board, the SMEs have been very badly hit and that economy has collapsed. That is the biggest disaster.

Today on hindsight, what advice would you give to yourself in March?
We are at the stage where we have to "wait and watch" the situation and accordingly will take a decision. 

Your wish for 2021 …?
I wish the printing fraternity "Good Health, Wealth and Prosperity" with bundles of happiness. May every one of them have a wonderful year. At the AIFMP we will ensure all their problems are addressed and resolved. Wishing everyone a Healthy New Year 2021.