Pacific bolsters production capacity with a second EFI Vutek GS3200

Mumbai-based Pacific Digital has recently installed a EFI Vutek GS3200 to boost its production capabilities. According to Mansukh Gala and Bipin Gala, managing directors at Pacific Digital, the company decided to invest in the EFI Vutek GS3200 on the strength of the quality the printer during a demo in Ahmedabad.

14 Nov 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

The EFI Vutek GS3200 at Pacific Digital

“We’ve worked with Arrow Digital before and because we have a strong relationship with the company, we didn’t even feel the need to look at competitive alternatives,” they said.

The company produces a wide range of displays, ranging from retail and point-of-sale, portable solutions and exhibition graphics, interior and exterior applications, including multi-sheet posters, floor graphics and banners, plus vehicle liveries and wraps. Such has been the success of the business that the need for a faster and more versatile wide-format UV printer became an essential addition to the company's armoury of equipment.

According to Arrow Digital, the Indian distributor of EFI VUTEk, the GS3200 delivers category-defining photorealistic quality and expands the reach of superwide printing into new industries and applications. EFI VUTEk’s dual resolution capability enables true 600dpi and true 1000dpi output with selectable 24pl or 12pl drop sizes.

The GS3200 is ideal for beautiful fine art replication, detailed photography, and stunning high-definition POP displays, as well as traditional 3.2m banner and signage applications. The GS3200 can transition from rigid materials to roll-to-roll media in less than one minute, the company reports, and it can print on various substrates. It can also accommodate flexible or rigid materials up to 126.5-in. wide and up to 2 in. thick. Its dual-roll capability enables the simultaneous printing of two, 60-in-wide rolls.

The GS3200 produces eye-catching, photorealistic graphics in eight-colour (plus double white) mode at speeds up to 1200ft2/hr.  In its exclusive, four-colour plus white, Fast-5 mode, with incredible speeds up to 2400ft2/hr, the GS3200 easily competes with high-volume commercial production printers. With the three-layer back lit signage/ displays and tactile printing it opens up many profitable applications in a very demanding industry; while opening more diversified business opportunities.

The Galas added, “We're confident that this investment will pave the way to winning further lucrative national and local contracts and draw attention to us. We really do offer a difference and the EFI Vutek GS3200 will allow us to focus on the requirements of large print projects as well as responding to the needs of clients with extreme deadlines without any negative impact on quality. We look forward to adding capacity with another printer in close cooperation with Arrow in the very near future."