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The percentage of closing the deal after customers visit the Pune demo centre is 80%

11 Sep 2018 | By PrintWeek India

Why a demo centre?
Initially, we took our prospective customers to the production site of our existing customers. There was a problem. The existing customer would not showcase the full repertoire of the machine capabilities. It was obvious that the existing customer viewed it as a threat to his business.

Over a period of time, we realised that these demos were not working to our satisfaction. Our aim was to see that the customer is thoroughly satisfied – technically as well as mentally. The idea was to give the customer as much time to understand the machine technically. Running the print job without any encumbrance would also be a sort of assurance of our machine’s capabilities.

In early 2014, we established the centre in Baner, Pune.

Machines on the floor
The PicoMax and PicoJet wide-format solvent printers. There’s the newly introduced UVision, the UV true flatbed printer.

Besides the UVision, the demo centre boasts of JetArt, a UV label printer; a smaller version of the UV label printer, JetArt Mini; a BoxJet press for corrugation printing; the DecoJet for wallpaper printing, and a new development, a new printer, codenamed WMP1, which can directly print on the wall.

How is it done?
When the customer comes in, we try and understand what the requirements are, and based on that suggest certain applications on the machines we think will be most suitable. Of course, if the customer is already aware of the machines that are available, then those applications are run. The best part of the demo centre, is the flexibility it gives the customer to run one or several applications, which would be a constraint when you run the demo at your existing customer’s site.

There’s the flexibility of trying different materials on different machines. For example, demos of printing on tiles or wood, leather or even a wall.

In the last four years, we would have received at least 400+ visitors to our demo centre. The percentage of closing the deal after a demo centre visit is 80%. It’s a testimony to the quality of our machines on display, and the customer’s satisfaction level.

What’s special?
The demo centre is attached to the R&D centre. The idea is to let the R&D team go across and try their new developments on the platform available at the demo centre, or just evaluate their new product against what is already developed and running at the demo centre.

Every year we have a show that is held for three to four days. We invite our entire customer-base across India and showcase the updates. The dates are not fixed, but we do host the shows.

We also host a special show, whenever we are launching or unveiling a new product.

At a glance

The demo centre was established in 2014

The facility showcases the following

Wide-format, decorating, and packaging printers

• PicoMax

• PicoJet

• UVision

• JetArt

• JetArt Mini


• DecoJet

• WMP1


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