Indian show of strength: Top 25 at PrintPack - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Indian manufacturers are geared to reboot at PrintPack 2015.

17 Dec 2014 | By Noel D'Cunha

At least 17 of the top 25 companies with the biggest space booking are Indian. The big daddies of web press and post-press kit are flexing their technology muscle but there are tiny surprises in the pack.

A quick look at the top 25 companies by the area of the stall at the India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida.

Line O Matic Graphic Industries
With 550 sq/metre of space at the show, Line O Matic is the largest exhibitor at PrintPack India 2015. If you seek to invest in a notebook making kit, then the Ahmedabad-based company is the best option for you. Line O Matic will show their latest automatic line, which dispenses with manual counting and offline gathering.

Hewlett Packard
HP's 275 sq/metre stall will flaunt its fleet of Indigos and solutions for wide format print along with its partners Redington and Capricot. (Stall status is yet to be confirmed)

Kanthi Industries (Megabound)
Bengaluru’s Kanthi Industries with its brand of Megabound hard-case bookbinding equipment, with 253 sq/metre is the second largest exhibitor. Megabound will highlight the developments in casing-in and joint forming machines.

Monotech Systems
A regular at every print show, Monotech Systems has a stall size of 239 sq/metre. Recently Monotech was seen at the two shows in Kolkata and Kochi luring customers with Scodix, plus the display of print finishing. The Chennai based firm manufactures Jetsci and Pixeljet inkjet press. It represents Basysprint and Konica Minolta in India.

Canon India 
One of the key digital equipment manufacturer, Canon, with a stall size of 229 sq/metre, will run demos of its flagship ImagePress C7011VP, the recently launched C800; and the Dreamlabo 5000 Gallery which has two major installations in India, those at Edathadan Digital Press (Kochi) and GK Vale (Bengaluru). 

APL Machinery
A 227 sq/metre stall will highlight the new add-on LED-UV printing technology which is recently installed at Coimbatore-based Shree Maruthi Printers and the benefits of the technology.

Welbound: Intimate and Impel
The post-press equipment specialist who was in the news for driving the ISRO expedition to Mars will be present with a 258 sq/metre space. Besides this, it will have another 56 sq/metre to showcase Vijuk.

Prakash Offset Machinery
One of the leading manufacturers of web offset presses, Faridabad headquartered Prakash Offset machinery has established a manufacturing plant, which manufactures all the components required to manufacture the presses. Prakash Offset will display its presses at their 194 sq/metre stall.

NBG Printographic Machinery
Among the top five web offset manufacturers in Faridabad, NBG’s presses are suitable for printing newspapers, tabloids and books. The ISO 9001:2001 company will be present with a 192 sq/metre stall.

NBG showcased Dinshung’s Midas Speedy at PrintPack India 2013

The Printers House
This manufacturer of Orient web offset presses will compete with Prakash and NBG in the web offset segment. The manufacturer of single-width, single circumference web presses will equal NBG in terms of stall size (192 sq/metre), and showcase its technology which is driving the newspaper revolution in Asia and Africa.

Insight Communication & Print Solution India
Insight made a splash with 21 Komori press installations this year. To seize the moment, Yohsiharu Komori, representative director, chairman and CEO, Komori Corporation will be present for the inauguration of the show on 11 February 2015. At the show in a 190 sq/metre stand, Insight will also showcase Kodak and HP, which it represents.

Webtech Engineering
This Faridabad-based manufacturer of printing and packaging machine will showcase a range of its stationery and flexo presses at its 186 sq/metre stand.

Memory Repro Systems
The four-decade old Memory Repro will engage itself in its 179 sq/metre stall showcasing pre-press and post-press equipment including printing down frame, plate processors for CTCP and conventional PS plates, plate curing equipment, case making machines, etc.

Sheth Printograph
The Daya range of machines for print finishing, packaging and paper converting will be on display at its 179 sq/metre stall. It will also display its film laminating machine, sheet to sheet laminating machine, die punching machine, die punching with hot foil, carton folder gluer, UV coating and curing machine, reel sheeter, corrugated box and board making machine, and other allied machines.

Manugraph India
The biggest daddy of them all, will unleash its new web offset press series. This is the impressive and affordable Ecoline. See it at Manugraph’s 174 sq/metre stand. Established in 1972, Manugraph is the largest manufacturer of single circumference press in the world.
Manugraph unveiled Masterwork’s finishing kit at PrintPack India 2013

Joy D-Zign
The post-press man NS Manku is busy promoting PrintPack at roadshows across India. His company is preparing to push its post-press and binding equipment at the 173 sq/metre stand.

Pressline India
The company is yet another web offset manufacturer who will vie for space in the newspaper segment. With over 650 installations across the globe and counting, Pressline is present with a 166 sq/metre stand at the show.

Provin Technos
The New Delhi-based representative of Ryobi will give the MHI LED-UV press its India debut at the 155 sq/metre stand. Touted as a press that represents the future for litho, the first press will be installed in New Delhi. Provin also represents Rotatek and MarquipWardUnited in India.

Auto Rull India
The company is a new kid on the block, who claims to have mastered the technology of reel-to-sheet ruling machine. It has booked a 153 sq/metre space at the show.

Ronald Web Offset
KK Printing Machines has been engaged in manufacturing Ronald line of presses since 1983 and these presses will take centre-stage at the 150 sq/metre stand at the show. The Guptas at Ronald have also inked an alliance with Seiken, the Japan-based manufacturer of double-width presses.

Five Star Printing Machinery
With a 149 sq/metre stand, KS Khurana led company will target the stationery market, introducing new products for this segment. Amritsar-based Khurana is also the president of IPAMA; and the man who is forging partnerships with print associations and bodies, in India and overseas.

Hi Tech Systems
Hi Tech has acquired 147 sq/metre of space at the show. And from what Parag Shah of Hi Tech told me when I met him, this self-proclaimed provider of "niche" print finishing equipment, would perhaps need a lot bigger space (especially when one considers the crowds at his stall).

Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Konica Minolta at its 140 sq/metre stall plans to display the Bizhub C1070/C1060, C1100/1085, C70HC and 1250/1052. The company will boast about the press’ capability to handle media up to 350gsm and do prints up to 47-inch long. The company has crossed the 2000 installations mark in India

Fujifilm India 
Fujifilm has booked 120.5 sq/metre space at the show. The star attraction at its stall will be wide-format UV Inkjet flatbed press and Acuity LED Hybrid UV Inkjet Press. Among other highlights, Fujifilm will boast about Jet Press 540W (digital inkjet web press), Pressmax pressroom chemicals, water washable flexo plate Flenex FW Series and low-chem technologies.

Arets Graphics India
The manufacturer of UV inks, Arets will bring to the floor, its new Starflex series of UV flexo ink, which it launched a few months back in India. For this the company has reserved 108 sq/metre space at the show.


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