Top 10 fun quotes from the world of packaging

It’s been more than five hundred years, since print has reigned. A collection of fun quotes on behalf of the fans of print and packaging.

01 Jul 2014 | By Ramu Ramanathan


There is a missing font in most files.
That's how the words get misunderstood
Have you heard of the insomniac ink
It went to bed with the last edition
Never ever start to print a job
When you need to go to the loo
Once our eyes grow accustomed to bad printing
That is all we go on doing to the end of our lives
I cannot understand why my forefinger is not a eye glass.
The more and more you start getting old
The younger and younger the technology becomes
Don't fret: It really doesn't matter what you think about a job
Because it's going to happen the way your client wants it
Oh, if I was God, I would print a new rainbow
And add a Pantone shade as the eighth colour
When the paper for the job is a complete catastrophe
Ask the doctor to give the paper some crocin and prozac
The future of print is not 3D nor printed electronics
It will be the day, we can print a leaf or a bit of silence