Drupa 2024 Preview: Taktiful Software Solutions – Zund

Drupa 2024 is back after eight long years and will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 28 to June 7. In this special series, PrintWeek highlights the top exhibitors to watch out for at the show.

26 May 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Xeikon will demonstrate its unique solutions for four key markets: flexible packaging, corrugated packaging, graphic arts, and label printing

Taktiful Software Solutions (Hall 16/D03)
Taktiful Software Solutions will be showcasing its cutting-edge SaaS products at the upcoming Drupa 2024 tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company will be featuring three of its innovative software solutions, Taktify, Reaktor, and Kreator, which are designed to enhance and simplify the digital embellishment process for businesses worldwide. Visitors to the Harris & Bruno booth (Hall 16 / D03) will have the unique opportunity to participate in live demonstrations of these products, experiencing first-hand how Taktiful’s solutions can enhance their operational efficiency and creativity.

Tecnau (Hall 8A/B41)
At Drupa, Tecnau will showcase 15 finishing solutions for high-speed inkjet printing, including several new products. Seven will feature on the Italian manufacturer’s stand, while eight will be on display at partner stands.
The 15 high-speed inkjet printing finishing solutions include new products such as the Revolution 50 high-speed continuous feeder. This feeder’s variable sheet length function offers unprecedented flexibility. The Revolution 50 will be exhibited on Canon’s and Fujifilm’s stands, and the cut-stack line will be shown on Kodak’s stand. Tecnau will also showcase new book-finishing solutions, an automated handling robot, and a dynamic book-wrapping system.

Theurer (Hall 9/D06)
Theurer, an ERP and MIS software provider for the printing and packaging industry, will showcase a browser-based scheduling board at Drupa 2024, particularly for roll-label manufacturers. This board will facilitate a smooth transition from the C3 Desktop version to the browser-based C3 mobile platform. This update’s advantages include location-independent use and improved resource utilisation. Additionally, Theurer will be introducing artificial intelligence to their existing software capabilities. Three key features of their AI are — easy integration into C3 or an existing ERP/production planning system, continuous optimisation in case of changes to orders, and multidimensional optimisation for key factors.

Touch7  (on Ricoh stand - Hall 8A)
Touch7 will showcase its Touch7 Neon Color system at Drupa. The Touch7 system is compatible with Ricoh neon pink and yellow inks and can be used for digital and conventional printing. The Touch7 System includes the Touch7 Photo Neon plugin for PhotoShop, which adds neon inks to images with just one mouse click. The system enables printers to produce their own swatch books on their own press and eliminates the traditional trial-and-error approach where designers and printers try to match colours that are not possible.

Ultimate Tech (Hall 8B/A31)
Ultimate Tech, with partner Omikai, have announced a strategic partnership to offer an end-to-end automation system called Automation in Overdrive that combines print business intelligence with production intelligence to drive future revenues. Ultimate Tech will showcase the offering at Drupa. The partnership brings together the best of MIS and imposition and finishing automation technologies to offer efficiency and scalability, safeguarding PSP software investment plans into the print infrastructure of the future.

Uteco (Hall 10/A02)
At the Uteco booth, visitors will be able to explore a range of technologies, including the Active Pack. In addition, Uteco’s technology partners, such as Vision, Gap, and Bimec, will be showcasing their innovations owing to collaborative agreements signed in 2023. According to a Uteco statement, the OnyxRace flexo CI press is a testament to Uteco’s focus on innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. “The press is designed to offer high-quality printing while reducing waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. It features advanced automation and control systems that enable efficient production while minimising the risk of errors and downtime,” claims the company.

X-Rite (Hall 8B/A12)
X-Rite will launch Autura Ink, a cloud-based ink formulation software that streamlines all aspects of ink formulation, storage, retrieval, and quality control for various printing inks. Autura Ink has BestMatch technology and better assortment management. Additionally, X-Rite is expanding the capabilities of PantoneLive with the Private Library Manager, which allows packaging brands to add custom brand colours to the PantoneLive digital colour library suite for colour uniformity across products and communications. X-Rite’s suite of solutions allows for easy and secure sharing of colour data for a connected workflow.

Must See: Xeikon (Hall 11/A01)
At Drupa, Xeikon will demonstrate its unique solutions for four key markets: flexible packaging, corrugated packaging, graphic arts, and label printing.
In the flexible packaging market, Xeikon’s Titon solution ensures food safety even when printing on paper-based flexible packaging, meeting stringent temperature, chemical, and mechanical resistance requirements.
In the corrugated packaging market, Xeikon’s Idera technology delivers a food-safe solution within the post-print corrugated environment For graphic arts, Xeikon Sirius offers cost-effective technology for medium-run commercial print. In label printing, Panther (UV inkjet) and Lion (dry toner) technologies excel in speed and quality, offering two complementary processes that deliver sought-after sustainable benefits.

Xsys (Hall 8B/A30)
Xsys’ Drupa booth will include live demos of the ThermoFlexX Catena+ fully automated plate processing line, the Woodpecker surface patterns for improved quality and reduced ink usage, and the rotec precision-engineered sleeves and adapters for process optimisation. Xsys will also unveil the nyloflex eco series. These plates deliver print quality and consistency and set a new standard in reducing environmental impact. It will also spotlight the nyloflex FTV plate. This LED-optimised, inherent flat-top dot plate is engineered specifically for the flexible packaging market. The nyloprint WS Pro plate enhances letterpress printing with its printability and durability. Xsys will also showcase the nyloprint WF Sharp, a water-washable, film-based plate for the high-end label market.

Catena+ is a breakthrough in fully automated and lean plate processing, enhancing precision, quality, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with reduced waste. The nyloflex Xpress Thermal System offers near elimination of VOCs, low energy usage, and up to 30% less fabric in the developer rolls compared to similar solutions.
Xsys is also announcing new software components for its prepress equipment modules. Catena ProServX is a cloud-based, real-time equipment monitoring tool for proactive maintenance. The Woodpecker suite consists of various surface patterns for different printing applications. Woodpecker Nevis specifically optimises white printing leading to a boost in opacity, whilst reducing ink consumption.

Zhejiang Huayue Packing Machinery (Hall 12/B30)
The China-based cutting specialist will display its latest models under the HMP brand at the show. Among them are the programme control paper cutter, paper pile turning machine, and dual channel high-speed flat window pasting machine. In India, the HMP brand is represented by Hyderabad-based Sai Enterprises and was introduced in India in 2009. There are 570+ HPM machines installed across India, among those 62 machines last year alone. Leading names like Pragati, Parksons, Kala Jyoti, Any Graphics, Canpac Trends, Replika, Hitech Print Systems Hyderabad, Global Bangalore, HPCL Chennai, Param Packaging, Herald Publications Goa, Trigon Digital, Unique Offset Pune, Kadam Digital Pune have HPMs installed.

Must See: Zund (Hall 4/B30, Hall 9/B03)
At the event, Zund will showcase multiple digital cutting machines, including its new Q-Line generation of cutters with a board handling system, BHS180, and an integrated Undercam optical capturing system.
The Q-Line with BHS180 is ideal for non-stop industrial production. The Q-line substructure is made from mineral casting, ensuring smooth operation and optimum cutting precision, even when working at high speeds. The beams are made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, making them lightweight yet strong and enabling precise cutting of challenging materials at maximum speeds.
Zund will also showcase other digital cutting machines in its portfolio, including the Zund S3  and Zund G3 cutters. The G3 cutter incorporates Q-Line with BHS180 technology. With the optional Undercam optical capture system, the board-loading extension allows for semi-automatic board feeding, job identification via QR code, and registration during production.
At the Zund booth, visitors can experience live demonstrations of the Robot PortaTable 130, which enables users to control robots and automatically pick and sort finished parts. The visualising option provides the operator with visual assistance when removing cut parts. Software solutions ZCC Zund Cut Centre and Caldera PrimeCenter will also be showcased, helping users optimise the production process before, during, and after cutting.
Finally, attendees can see the compact models in Zund’s cutter portfolio, the Zund S3 cutters in action, and a digital textile micro factory at the Textiles Touchpoint in Hall 4 and the Canon booth in Hall 8A.